Lifeboat News #250


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 05/01/23. Copyright 2023 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

ISDC 2023

The ISDC 2023 (International Space Development Conference) will be held May 25–28 in Dallas-Frisco, Texas.
Our Isaac Arthur, Gary Barnhard, Sherry Bell, Al Globus, Michelle L.D. Hanlon, Janet Ivey, David Livingston, Holly Melear, Rod Pyle, Martine Rothblatt, Peter A. Swan, Dylan Taylor, and Madhu Thangavelu will be speaking/participating.
Learn more at

International Longevity Summit

The International Longevity Summit will be held August 23–24 in South Africa.
Our Maria Entraigues Abramson, Alexandra Bause, Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, José Luis Cordeiro, Stephanie Dainow, Goffredo Giordano, Aubrey de Grey, Nadine Hoosen, Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù, Andrea B. Maier, Martin O’Dea, Elizabeth Parrish, Brenda Ramokopelwa, Paul Spiegel, and Natasha Vita-More will be speaking.
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Read “Building Commercial Space Infrastructure” (PDF) by our Alex Thatcher and Keith Taggart at
Read “Drug Screening Implicates Chondroitin Sulfate as a Potential Longevity Pill” by our Collin Ewald at
Read “The Ethics of Human Enhancement and Ferrando’s Philosophical Posthumanism” by our Kevin LaGrandeur at
Read “Intelligence Explosion – Part 1/3” by our Henrique Jorge at
Read “On the Controllability of Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis of Limitations” by our Roman V. Yampolskiy at
Read “Osteopontin: Building Skeletons in Aging’s Closet” by our Clinton ‘Cosmo’ Mielke at
Read “A Reputation System for Artificial Societies” (PDF) coauthored by our Ben Goertzel, Matt Iklé, and Anton Kolonin at
Read “Shingles, Zostavax vaccination and risk of developing dementia: a nested case-control study — results from the UK Biobank cohort” (PDF) coauthored by our Ruth Itzhaki at
Read “Read What is Grover’s Search Algorithm and why will you use it?” by our Guido Putignano at


Read “A First Course in Network Science”, coauthored by our Filippo Menczer at
Networks are everywhere: networks of friends, transportation networks and the Web. Neurons in our brains and proteins within our bodies form networks that determine our intelligence and survival. This modern, accessible textbook introduces the basics of network science for a wide range of job sectors from management to marketing, from biology to engineering, and from neuroscience to the social sciences.
Read “How does Quantum Teleportation work?” by our Guido Putignano at
Read the free “QRI Guidebook to Super Happiness”, coauthored by our Andrés Gómez Emilsson at


Listen to the “Everything Epigenetics” podcast with our Hannah Went on Apple at, Spotify at, and YouTube at Connect with the show on Facebook at and Instagram at


Watch “Brain, Meet Computer” by our Nuno Martins at
Watch “Using Data Science for Crisis Management and Response” with our David A. Bray at


Nonthapat ‘Brave’ Pulsiri joins our blog team with the post “How can we make the space sector more sustainable?” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“3D Printing of Body Parts Gets an Upgrade” by 21st Century Tech Blog at
“80,000 Mouse Brain Cells Used to Build a Living Computer” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“A new measurement could change our understanding of the universe” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Astronomers Discover Missing Link: Water on Earth Is Even Older Than Our Sun” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Bill Gates says A.I. like ChatGPT is ‘every bit as important as the PC, as the internet’” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Biologists Figured Out How to Generate New Neurons in the Adult Brain, Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative Disease Research” by Genevieve Klien at
“Black holes and the multiverse could account for all dark matter, astronomers claim” by Quinn Sena at
“Can trees talk to each other with fungal networks? Study raises doubts” by Gemechu Taye at
“ChatGPT gets ‘eyes and ears’ with plugins that can interface AI with the world” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“Chimpanzees have their own language — and scientists just learned how they put ‘words’ together” by Dan Breeden at
“Compound in Mushrooms Discovered To Magnify Memory” by Quinn Sena at
“Computational biology in rare disease research” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“‘Counterportation’ — Landmark Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for World-First Experimental Wormhole” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“DARPA wants a Spec Ops plane with a set of insane characteristics — and it wants it fast” by Genevieve Klien at
“Electrons’ magnetism confirms particle physics’ most precise prediction” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“Elon Musk recruits team to develop OpenAI’s ChatGPT rival” by Raphael Ramos at
“European Space Agency Calls for Giving Moon its Own Time Zone” by Alberto Lao at
“Flex Your Artificial Muscles: The New Low-Voltage Breakthrough” by Paul Battista at
“Fmr. Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the Consequences of an A.I. Revolution” by Sergio Tarrero at
“Former Google engineer predicts humans will achieve immortality within eight years” by Joseph Barney at
“How Music Helps to Heal the Injured Brain” by Joseph Barney at
“Is reverse aging already possible? Some drugs that could treat aging might already be on the pharmacy shelves” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Jury finds Elon Musk did not defraud Tesla investors with infamous ‘funding secured’ claim” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Machine Learning Expert Calls for Bombing Data Centers to Stop Rise of AI” by Joseph Barney at
“Meteorologist uses Starlink RV to live stream tornadoes and save lives” by Tristan Hambling at
“NASA’s Asteroid Smashing Mission Was a Huge Success for Planetary Defense” by Atanas Atanasov at
“New AI model can ‘cut out’ any object within an image—and Meta is sharing the code” by Shailesh Prasad at
“New controversial theory: Past, present, future exist simultaneously” by Dan Breeden at
“Newly discovered enzyme that turns air into electricity, providing a new clean source of energy” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Now AI Can Be Used to Design New Proteins” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“Protons seem to be a different size depending on how you look at them” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“Researchers Say They Managed to Pull Quantum Energy From a Vacuum” by Paul Battista at
“Scientists engineered a wood that gets stronger as it captures CO2” by Daniel Sunday at
“Scientists grow plants in real lunar soil for the first time” by Daniel Sunday at
“Scientists Have Just Found An Untouched Civilization In The Amazon Jungle” by Genevieve Klien at
“Scientists unveil plan to create biocomputers powered by human brain cells” by Josh Seeherman at
“‘Strong chance’ life could exist on newly discovered planet ‘nearly identical’ to Earth” by Paul Battista at
“Surprise! Jupiter officially has 92 moons, as 12 new moons discovered” by Gemechu Taye at
“‘They look alien’: NASA uses AI to design complex spacecraft parts” by Gemechu Taye at
“This Bonkers 130-Foot Solar-Electric Trimaran Concept Is Shaped Like an Ancient Roman Home” by Shailesh Prasad at
“This Startup Is Building Computer Chips With Real Neurons” by Dan Breeden at
“The Xaver 1000 is a next-gen radar that can actually ‘see’ through walls” by Shane Hinshaw at

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