LifeShield Bunkers

By Philippe Van Nedervelde, Brian Wang, Willard Wells, and other members of the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board. This is an ongoing program so you may submit suggestions to [email protected].


Our LifeShield Bunkers program is a compliment to our Space Habitats program. It is a fallback position in case programs such as our BioShield and NanoShield fail globally or locally.

A bunker can be quite large, such as Biosphere 2. A large bunker would be a place where babies are born and children play and go to school.


Let us know if you wish to participate in a local LifeShield Bunker. We will contact you if and when we find a cluster of interested people in your area. Read The Case for Survival Colonies: Soliciting Colonists.

Examples of what you can contribute:

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Improving Homes and Offices

LifeShield bunkers can be extended to include making homes and offices into survivable structures with zero or limited aesthetic compromises. This will enable civil defense to work with our day-to-day lives. If our homes and offices are our blast shelters, then 80% or more of the time we will have some protection against possible disasters. If you only had an old style bomb shelter in your backyard then it is not likely you would be in it when things hit the fan.
Our goal is to design society to shrink the radius of fatalities around a nuclear explosion or other disaster and reduce the percentage of dead.
Simple steps to dramatically reduce deaths from nuclear weapons, hurricanes, and earthquakes include:
  • Require a retrofit of all old houses and new houses to use HurriQuake® or better nails
  • Distribute new anti-radiation drugs widely
  • Use radiation resistance increasing gene therapy and drugs
  • Use/retrofit with cellulose nanopaper (stronger than cast iron) for construction
  • Use stronger cement
  • Use carbon nanotube/graphene reinforcement (add hydrogen for radiation blocking)
  • Use stronger windows and doors
  • Find better fire/thermal resistance modifications
Many small nuclear reactors would enable a more robust electrical grid (in the event of very rare accidents/incidents, recall that we should have radiation resistance enhancing treatments and super-effective anti-radiation drugs).
Spend more money to harden the structure of hospitals and other places that are critical to enable civilization to survive a nuclear attack or other disaster.
10–50 times reduction in fatalities is very doable even without the tech getting too fancy. 1000+ times reduction is doable with better but achievable technology, which we will need because that same category of technology will also boost offense. (Nanofactories could make a lot of nukes, so it is a good thing that they would also help bring us protection against nukes as well.)

Acquisition Candidates

Titan Nuclear Missile Base for Sale, ICBMs not Included