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Dr. Jyothi Devakumar

Jyothi Devakumar, Ph.D. is a biologist and biotechnologist with wide-ranging scientific and management-level experience in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, primarily focused on aging, in both for-profit and academic settings.

She is the Director of International Regulatory Affairs at the Healthspan Action Coalition and has been the Group Chief Science Officer and Partner at the Longevity Tech Fund and its group companies since 2021. She is the Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Healthy Longevity Clinic and was the Principal Biologist and Partner at Prime Movers Lab until the end of 2021. Read Prime Movers Lab: “Longevity is clearly our interest”.

She has served on several scientific advisory boards and editorial boards, and she brings scientific expertise, business strategy, and management experience with a multicultural multi-country background.

Jyothi earned her Ph.D. in Biotechnology and her postdoctoral work was in in-vivo delivery systems. After obtaining her Ph.D. in India, she performed postdoctoral studies in France in the field of in vivo delivery systems with support from EEGID, Government of France.

She then worked for several years in the field of drug discovery as one of the leads in an Indian CRO (Contract Research Organization) engaging several of the large and mid-sector pharma and biotech companies in both Europe and the US before occupying Chief Science Officer roles at cutting-edge stem cell therapy companies in Asia and the USA. She serves on the editorial board of CellR4 and the scientific advisory board of BGI Health.

Jyothi previously worked as the principal consultant at Evolvis Consulting, a Singapore-based company and as the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Nygard Biotech, a company focused on establishing anti-aging solutions using stem cells and their derivatives through a combination of in-house and collaborative research.

Her focus was to develop quick and efficient pathways to clinical translation of cutting-edge technologies including stem cell-based strategies. Nygard Biotech believes in the concept of extending the healthy lifespan with a focus on finding effective solutions to treat and prevent life-threatening age-related disease conditions.

Her projects have encompassed technology due diligence and in-licensing of stem cell-related technologies. She has expertise in the international regulation of stem cells, hands-on work experience in CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) in the design and execution of clinical trials.

She has worked in various sectors of the industry including working as a part of a contract research organization liaising with several ivy league pharma companies in the drug discovery space, as scientific founder and CSO of two startups, and as a consultant in the regenerative medicine and longevity space.

Jyothi was the Keynote of the Longevity Med Summit held in Lisbon in May 2023 where she presented her talk about “Longevity Landscape through the clinical lens”. She was also a speaker at the Global Longevity Federation (GLF 2023) in Dubai and at HEALinc Future Health Summit 2023, a 3-day summit in the Bahamas. The Summit featured 40+ speakers whose presentation topics ranged from the science of healthy longevity, mitigating trauma and stress, and accelerating access to cutting integrative regenerative technologies in and outside the US to psychedelics for mind-body rejuvenation and cultivating a global future health workforce.

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