Advisory Board

Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur is the creator and producer of Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur. This channel is dedicated to topics including space colonization in the near and far future, futurism, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism, among others, especially in the context of thermodynamics, economics, science fiction, the Fermi paradox, and the Dyson dilemma. The channel’s main focus is to speculate on how humanity or other hypothetical advanced civilizations may behave logistically, technologically, and socially, in the near and distant future under the laws of known science.

Following the success of his channel, Isaac collaborates with other science communicators, including Paul Sutter and Fraser Cain, and acts as an analyst and consultant for science fiction novels and games, such as HADES 9. He became involved in local politics and now serves as Chairman of the Ashtabula Board Of Elections.

His channel has over 150 videos with over 294 thousand subscribers, with new videos coming out once every Thursday. Episodes tend to be around thirty minutes in length and are roughly organized into series including Advanced Civilizations, Alien Civilizations, Post Scarcity Civilizations, Civilizations at the End of Time, Cyborgs, Androids, Transhumanism & AI, Fermi Paradox, Interstellar Warfare Worldbuilding and HADES 9, Colonizing Space, Generation Ships & Interstellar Colonization, Futuristic Weapons, Upward Bound, Outward Bound, and Cosmology.

Isaac was born in California and moved to Ohio when he was 2. He dropped out of high school when he was 12, and then at 20 graduated in 2003 from Kent State University with a BS in Physics. This was followed by a few years of grad school before leaving to join the Army. He was stationed mostly in Germany and Iraq.

You can follow Isaac on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Soundcloud, and Patreon. Read his LinkedIn profile and his Wikipedia profile. Visit his website.