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Dr. Anton Kolonin

Anton Kolonin, Ph.D. is a Russian Computer Scientist, an AI and Blockchain architect, one of SingularityNET’s senior AI researchers and the founder and owner of Aigents Group, a social computing platform, where he is leading analysis, design, and development of complex Systems. At Aigents, they are devoted to give each internet user an individual trainable software agent for intelligent search of information on the web sharing it with other users privately or within closed or open communities. Anton focuses on Software Design and Development, Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Geophysics.

Anton is playing a vital role in SingularityNET’s work on Unsupervised Language Learning and in the development of SingularityNET’s decentralized Reputation Management System. Anton regularly contributes to their blog in his Aigents with Anton Kolonin and has represented SingularityNET at various events.

Together with Ben Goertzel and others, he published a paper on how to possibly achieve Artificial General Intelligence or AGI through A Reputation System for Artificial Societies.

The SingularityNET is the first and only platform that allows AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale. The platform powering the decentralized AI economy is a blockchain-based AI marketplace project, founded by Ben Goertzel.

Before Anton founded the Aigents Group in 2014, he worked as CTO, Product Manager, and IT Director at Zdorovie Online for more than two years. He was responsible for the collection of product requirements and management of development and delivery of cloud-based web service for public healthcare.

For two years, between 2009 and 2012, Anton was Manager and Software Developer at Quest Software. He managed the development process in Russia, California, and China. He was focused on Data Protection and Real-time Recovery.

Anton also worked on inventing, design, and development of algorithms intended for artificial music recognition and evaluation. He developed algorithms and software for structural and textural optimization of 3D-models for computer graphics, and for more than a year in 2008, he worked on a mobile client-server platform business for Positive Solutions’s platform with an international team from Russia, China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

In 2006, he joined IT Solutions, where he developed text and data mining solutions and a server backend text mining web service for medical industry in the US. Among others, he also worked there on HR Automation system widely used in England, and on the design and development of SpaceWork software, a 3D graphic system for different types of scientific, geological, and geophysical data visualization in a distributed web environment.

Anton earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computer Tomography from the Institute of Mathematics, the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science in 1998. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Geophysics in 1987 from the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute, and in 1993 earned his Certificate of Training in Computer Science from the Computer System Institute at BEZ Systems.

After his Bachelor’s Degree in 1987, Anton began his practice as Senior Research Staff at Chita Polytechnic Institute, where he designed and developed an OS-level support for a virtual graphics system under MS-DOS. He also invented a geophysical numeric data processing and analysis algorithm using computer tomography principles, as well as an optical character recognition algorithm and software.

In 1993, after earning his training certificate in Computer Science, he joined BEZ Systems in the US, as Software Engineer, but after 7 months he went back to Russia and as the Lead Software Engineer, joined CTC Company, where he stayed until 1997. At CTC, he worked in the design and development of various projects, including a multimedia educational program, a scalable financial and production business accounting system, an interactive visual programming system, 3-tier distributed transactions processing, and modem driver software for robust communication in low signal/noise environments.

While Anton was working on his Ph.D., he was also the Senior Software Engineer at ProPro Group in Novosibirsk. Here, his work was already focusing more towards automation with a back-office trading automation system, motion tracking software, and visual knowledge management and knowledge sharing environment. It was not until he came to the US in March of 1999, that he started his work on Artificial Intelligence. He joined Ben Goertzel’s company Webmind as the Senior Research Engineer, designing and developing Distributed Artificial Intelligence for text and data mining, classification, search, and information retrieval.

After two years, in 2001, he joined EPAM Systems as the Lead Software Engineer, and designed and developed the conversational chatbot interface for the Knova knowledge management architecture and among others also developed the Cognitive Processor. He stayed at EPAM for almost 6 years, when he joined the IT Solutions in November of 2006.

Anton’s work today is focused on helping internet users achieve more by designing and developing software agents that can help them optimize their Internet experience so they can achieve more. These Aigents might one day become part of Artificial Societies and get closer to the goal of Artificial General Intelligence.

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