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Greg Bear passes away

Lifeboat Foundation's Greg Bear passes away.
November 30, 2022 — Our Greg Bear unfortunately passed away. Greg was previously President of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) and was husband of our Astrid Bear.
Greg was Consulting Judge for our Lifeboat to the Stars award and he contributed to Lifeboat Foundation’s Visions of the Future which reached #1 under “Hot New Releases in Science Fiction Anthologies” on Amazon. As an accomplished science fiction author of over 50 novels, Greg received five Nebula Awards and two Hugo Awards. He even helped the government prepare for attacks of the future, working with our Arlan Andrews and Jerry Pournelle.
Our Catherine Asaro said
Greg and his wife Astrid were always welcoming to me in the science fiction community, even when I was nobody. Greg treated me like an equal from day one. Over the years, he welcomed me to the field of hard science fiction, inviting me to speak at events and encouraging my work. It meant the world to me. My thoughts go out to Astrid and all his loved ones, and to his many readers and fans worldwide. He was an amazing person.
Our David Brin said
What I miss about my friend and colleague Greg Bear: That hearty-wise and dauntless laugh… I hear it now… and I will hear it always. Greg was the best of us… certainly the best of the 'Killer Bees! The real article, as a human, as a good man, as a leader in our broad SF guild of explorers-of-the-plausible. His 50+ novels spanned the spectrum of speculative literature, from highly plausible (and sometimes scary) extrapolations of near-future technologies to glimpses farther ahead, at human destinies that struck the reader with astonishment and awe. He had that rare knack of cornering scientific and other experts, squeezing out of them their hopes and suspicions about tomorrow, then setting them on pages that glowed with passion, worry and fun.
And yes, the most admirable trait of all — a good life partner to the wonderful and kind daughter of Poul and Karen and father to their grandchildren. And our dear friend. Cheryl and I extend blessings and love to Astrid & their clan… and to all who loved Greg and his immortal works.
Our Robert Sawyer said
Greg Bear and I were friends for thirty years. What I loved about his work was that it freely embraced the entire scope science fiction has to offer: from the far future (Anvil of Stars), through the present day (Quantico), to cavorting with creatures we know only from the distant past (Dinosaur Summer), he took us on a grand tour of his boundless imagination.
Greg will be memorialized forever on our Advisory Board Memorial at
We will miss him.
Also read the eulogy by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) and the eulogy by our David Brin.

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