Lifeboat News #211


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This issue published on 02/01/20. Copyright 2020 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

4th Posthuman Global Symposium

The 4th Posthuman Global Symposium will be held at New York University, New York, USA from April 30–May 2.
This Symposium is dedicated to exploring the importance of posthuman agency in the interrelated significations of human and non-human realms. They intend to spark a deep and multilayered analysis of posthuman agency both as praxis and as a moral stance on the current global issues, as exemplified by its advocacy of environmentalism, cyborg rights, animal personhood, sustainable advanced technologies and ethical economies.
Our Francesca Ferrando is on the academic committee. Learn more at

Educational Program

Enjoy the free educational program “Ice and Stone 2020”.
This program covers the so-called “small bodies” of the solar system, which in general means asteroids and comets, although this also includes the small moons of the various planets as well as meteors, meteorites, and interplanetary dust at


The research paper “Human Brain/Cloud Interface” has been published at by our Amara D. Angelica, Frank J. Boehm, Krishnan Chakravarthy, Robert A. Freitas Jr., Steven A. Garan, Tad Hogg, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Nuno R. B. Martins, Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld, Yuriy Svidinenko, and Melanie Swan.
This paper describes how neuralnanorobotics may enable a B/CI with controlled connectivity between neural activity and external data storage and processing, via the direct monitoring of the brain’s ~86 x 109 neurons and ~2 x 1014 synapses.


Read “Hydrogen LiftShips: A tech manual of a future” at
Read “Space Traffic Control” by our Stuart Eves at


Learn about “2030 The Film” by our Johnny Boston at


Mario Acosta joins our blog team with the post “10 Steps to Survive a Global Pandemic: Coronavirus” at
Florence Pauline Gardose Basubas joins our blog team with the post “Tables, footrests, smart speakers: Self-driving cars could become the living rooms of the future” at
James Bickerton joins our blog team with the post “Do robots have rights? Professor David J. Gunkel interview.” at
Wei Cui joins our blog team with the post “Russia’s AI Quest is State-Driven — Even More than China’s. Can It Work?” at
Kelvin Dafiaghor joins our blog team with the post “New study finds the egg may actually ‘choose’ the sperm” at
Yuri Deigin joins our blog team with the post “Yuri Deigin on epigenetic rejuvenation, longevity research and transhumanists in politics” at
Dean Eaketts joins our blog team with the post “Human compost funerals ‘better for environment’” at
Lola Heavey joins our blog team with the post “We cannot predict with any precision where technology will lead us” at
Neurozo Huang joins our blog team with the post “Why human brain only needs a small amount of data (or is it?)” at
Nare Khachatryan joins our blog team with the post “A burst of gravitational waves hit our planet. Astronomers have no clue where it’s from” at
Oguzhan Kosar joins our blog team with the post “Asteroid Mining Could Become a Reality in the Next Coming Years” at
Maico Rivero joins our blog team with the post “Four things you might not know about dark matter” at
Prem Vijaywargi joins our blog team with the post “A 62-year-old Chinese doctor in Wuhan ‘at the front line’ of the coronavirus outbreak has died after treating patients” at
Jaysen West joins our blog team with the post “AI drug enters human clinical trials” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“114 Year-Old Cells Converted to Pluripotent Stem Cells” by Montie Adkins at
“Artificial neurons now talking to real neurons with hope of creating a hybrid brain network” by Paul Battista at
“A Tiny, Lab-Size Wormhole Could Shatter Our Sense of Reality” by Brent Ellman at
“Bill Gates warns the coronavirus could hit Africa worse than China” by Prem Vijaywargi at
“Aubrey de Grey on the Joe Rogan Experience” by Montie Adkins at
“Binary Stars Appear To Harbor Just As Many Planets As Single Stars, Says Study” by Bruce Dorminey at
“Boeing Is Losing The New Space Race To SpaceX” by Roderick Reilly at
“Can Destroying Senescent Cells Treat Age-Related Disease?” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“CropBox: A Farm in a Shipping Container” by Brent Ellman at
“Dog tests positive for coronavirus and quarantined in Hong Kong but experts say don’t panic as canines can’t carry bug” by Tracy R. Atkins at
“Earth captures new ‘mini moon’” by Roderick Reilly at
“Elon Musk Says He’s About to Deliver the Future of High-Speed Internet” by Tracy R. Atkins at
“First-ever Robot ‘supermicrosurgery’ performed successfully” by Roger Dufur at
“Full Brain Emulation / Logan & Zion2020 178. Debt Nation” by Alexandria Black at
“Geomagnetic ‘Super Storms’ Expected To Occur Once Every 25 Years, Says New Paper” by Bruce Dorminey at
“How China is using AI and big data to combat coronavirus outbreak” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Human Evolution Is Speeding Up” by Quinn Sena at
“IBM and Microsoft sign Vatican pledge for ethical AI” by Brent Ellman at
“Is a home coronavirus test on its way?” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Fully Autonomous Weapons Pose Unique Dangers to Humankind” by Mike Diverde at
“Kaboom! Astronomers detect the universe’s biggest explosion since the Big Bang” by Roderick Reilly at
“Life Is Likely To Persist On Planets Circling Flaring Red Dwarfs, Says Study” by Bruce Dorminey at
“Meat and Nicotinamide: A Causal Role in Human Evolution, History, and Demographics” by Quinn Sena at
“Meet Xenobot, an Eerie New Kind of Programmable Organism” by Paul Battista at
“NASA issues a Venus rover design challenge” by Genevieve Klien at
“NASA thinks alien life might be hiding underground in ancient caves on Mars” by Prem Vijaywargi at
“Our #Mars2020 rover is almost ready for its mission to the Red Planet” by Fyodor Rouge at
“Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI” by Mike Diverde at
“Robosexuals | Real Time with Bill Maher” by Montie Adkins at
“Scientists have successfully cured diabetes in mice for the first time” by Prem Vijaywargi at
“Scientists in Amsterdam Destroyed Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days Without Chemo” by Fyodor Rouge at
“Space images show drastic drop in China pollution as coronavirus shuts factories” by Fyodor Rouge at
“SpaceX’s founder tells US Air Force the era of fighter jets is ending” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“SpaceX to Launch NASA’s Psyche Mission to Metal Asteroid” by Genevieve Klien at
“Spies Like AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence for the US Intelligence Community” by Roger Dufur at
“Sweden is now testing its digital version of cash, the e-krona” by Roger Dufur at
“These tiny living robots could help science eavesdrop on cellular gossip” by Genevieve Klien at
“The theory of longevity of Aubrey de Gray — how in the coming years we will defeat aging” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“This MIT Scientist Is Building Batteries Using Modified Viruses” by Quinn Sena at
“This years-old vaccine may protect against COVID-19” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“What you can take to boost resistance to coronavirus, freshly published, hot out of the oven” by Alexandria Black at
“World’s First 3D-Printed Heart Could Revolutionize Organ Transplants” by Mike Diverde at
“Your Textbooks Are Wrong, This Is What Cells Actually Look Like” by Paul Battista at

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