Lifeboat News #226


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 05/01/21. Copyright 2021 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Lifeboat Foundation Sponsorship

Lifeboat Foundation is sponsoring the TechCast/Cognis Strategic Forum which is a free virtual conference that brings together prominent thought leaders to collectively provide strategic solutions to the transformative changes of our time.
It will be held virtually June 30 and July 28, 1 pm PDT. Our Jerry Glenn, Ted Gordon, Bill Halal, Steven Hausman, and Paul Saffo will be speaking.
An Executive Workshop held 30 minutes after the conference helps leaders, planners, and other professionals develop a more powerful strategic posture to master these challenges of a changing world.
Learn more at

TransVision 2021 Conference Update

The TransVision 2021 Conference will be held October 8–10 at Ateneo de Madrid. Our Fernando Botella, Adolfo Castilla, Didier Coeurnelle, José Luis Cordeiro, Felipe Debasa, Aubrey de Grey, Jay Friedenberg, Ben Goertzel, Rodolfo Goya, Andrés Grases, Rudi Hoffman, Charlie Kam, Ray Kurzweil, João Pedro de Magalhães, Jim Mellon, Elena Milova, Liz Parrish, David Pearce, Valerija Pride, Ramón Risco, Anders Sandberg, Carlos Rodríguez Sau, Paul Spiegel, Melanie Swan, Sergio Tarrero, Philippe Van Nedervelde, and Natasha Vita-More will be speaking at this global futurist summit.
Learn more at


Jamal Simpson joins our blog team with the post “NASA Reportedly Chooses SpaceX to Develop Moon Lander” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“AI Helps Prove Two Scribes Wrote Text of a Dead Sea Scroll” by Dan Kummer at
“A Project Supported by Bill Gates Is Set to Temporarily Dim the Sun” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Bell Helicopter offers a sneak peek of its first electric flying taxi” by Quinn Sena at
“BREAKING NEWS! America Study Confirms That House Flies Can Carry SARS-CoV-2 Virus Up To 24 hours After Exposure And Are Potential Vectors!” by Poopeh Morakkabati at
“China’s Rocket Dropping Habit” by Alberto Lao at
“Connecting the dots to artificially restore vision” by Jason Blain at
“Could Mario Kart Teach Us How to Reduce World Poverty and Improve Sustainability?” by Takayuki Sugano at
“CRISPR: Can we control it? | Jennifer Doudna, Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, & more | Big Think” by Raphael Ramos at
“Drone Fleets and Robots are the Future of War. Can Humans Keep Up?” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“DuckDuckGo can now block the Google Chrome tracking method, FLoC” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Early indicators of magma viscosity could help forecast a volcano’s eruption style” by Gerard Bain at
“Elon Musk may build Tesla’s future with high school graduates” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys” by Jason Blain at
“HIV Vaccine” by Brent Ellman at
“How to stop a pandemic before it starts, illustrated” by Poopeh Morakkabati at
“The Immune Link Between a Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier and Schizophrenia” by Jason Blain at
“Israeli start-up develops ‘artificial brainwaves’ to treat strokes” by Genevieve Klien at
“Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin lands a Pentagon contract to design nuclear-powered spacecraft” by Montie Adkins at
“Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth” by Jamal Simpson at
“Korea Is Testing Its New Jet Fighter” by Raphael Ramos at
“Mars Helicopter Live Q&A: One Step Closer to First Flight” by Alberto Lao at
“Men to Be Sterile by 2045 — Escape Chemicals to Thrive” by Greg Allison at
“Mysterious Glow Caught in Our Galaxy’s Center Really Could Be Due to Dark Matter” by Quinn Sena at
“NASA chooses SpaceX to build Moon lander” by Shane Hinshaw at
“NASA extracts breathable oxygen from thin Martian air” by Jamal Simpson at
“NASA’s new race to put a woman on the moon” by Genevieve Klien at
“The Navy Reveals Plans for Its New Fighter Jet” by Derick Lee at
“‘Neutrobots’ deliver cancer drugs to the brain” by Future Timeline at
“Photonic Supercomputer For AI: 10X Faster, 90% Less Energy, Plus Runway For 100X Speed Boost” by Dan Kummer at
“Physics without time” by Prem Vijaywargi at
“Robotic Exoskeletons Could One Day Walk” by Dan Lovy at
“Scientists Revive 32,000-Year-Old Plant From Siberian Permafrost” by Raphael Ramos at
“Space Force begins loaning anti-jamming GPS tech to allies” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“SpaceX drops a new close-up look at the full flight of Starship SN10” by Alberto Lao at
“SpaceX returns 4 astronauts to Earth with rare night splashdown” by Eamon Everall at
“Star Trek’s William Shatner Is Preserving Himself Through Interactive AI” by Genevieve Klien at
“Startup Says Its Super Powerful Laser Can Blast Space Junk From Down on the Earth’s Surface” by Jamal Simpson at
“These meteorites landed on Earth after a 22-million-year voyage” by Dan Kummer at
“Ultra-white paint cools surfaces” by Future Timeline at
“The VA Is Testing an Implant That Could Allow Paralyzed Veterans to Walk Again” by Brent Ellman at
“WATCH: Two Moons Appear In Sky Over Dubai, Frightening Confused Residents” by Quinn Sena at
“Why is Nutrition So Damned Confusing?” by Rachel Burger at

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