Lifeboat News #210


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 01/01/20. Copyright 2020 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Donating CPU Cycles

Lifeboat Foundation has contributed 16,732,334 Cobblestones of computation (14.46 quintillion floating-point operations) to [email protected] since joining this effort on January 27, 2008.
Donate the unused CPU cycles on your computer(s) to help scientists determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don’t need it you will help speed up and extend research in ways scientists couldn’t possibly attempt without your help. You will also be helping efforts at designing new proteins to fight diseases such as HIV, malaria, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
Learn more at
We support similar efforts at and

YouTube Videos

We were doing some maintenance on our site and noticed that a Flash song had stopped working with most browsers because it was Flash. We had done a YouTube version before but found that we could now create a slightly higher resolution version which makes the text a bit easier to read. (This video has some small text.)
It would be helpful if people liked the new video at
Also, if you haven’t seen our best video, it is at

2020 International Conference on Future Africa Update

The 2020 International Conference on Future Africa will be held April 21–23 at the University of Rwanda.
The theme of the conference is “Compliance to Global Sustainability” and will be offering sessions regarding Climate Change, Renewable Energies, Internet of Things, Futurism, Transhumanism, Neuroscience, Biotech, International Politics, Digital Leadership/Business, and much more.
Our William Coburn, Didier Coeurnelle, Aubrey de Grey, Alejandro De la Parra Solomon, Zoltan Istvan, Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù, Anthony Kimery, Doris Ngozi Morah, Ira Pastor, and Ilia Stambler will be participating/speaking. The Lifeboat Foundation is one of the hosts of this event.
Learn more at

Mike Resnick Memorial

Lifeboat Foundation mourns the passing of Mike Resnick who fought to “Safeguard Humanity” until the end.
Mike was the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. He won 5 Hugos (from a record 37 nominations), a Nebula, and other major awards in the USA, France, Japan, Spain, Catalonia, Croatia, Poland, and China. He’s the author of 78 novels, 280 stories, and 3 screenplays, and the editor of 42 anthologies. His work has been translated into 27 languages. He was also editor of Galaxy’s Edge magazine until the end of his life.
Learn more at


Mike Diverde joins our blog team with the post “Rethinking Consciousness: A Scientific Theory of Subjective Experience” at
Nick Engerer joins our blog team with the post “Avoiding ageing’s 4 deadly killers — Cardiovascular Disease (Part 1)” at
Kaiser Matin joins our blog team with the post “The ‘Goldilocks’ principle for curing brain cancer” at
Eithen Pasta joins our blog team with the post “A US $30 million fund to promote bold ideas for aging populations: Dr Victor Dzau” at
Paul Velho joins our blog team with the post “What CRISPR-baby prison sentences mean for research” at
Aaron Vesey joins our blog team with the post “The Ecological Challenge of Artificial Superintelligence” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“10 Unsolved Mysteries of The Universe” by Alberto Lao at
“50 Year Lie: Sugar industry blames fats” by Philip Raymond at
“A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus near Seattle is being treated largely by a robot” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Astronomers Spot Loads Of Oxygen In Ancient ‘Nearby’ Star” by Bruce Dorminey at
“A Terminally Ill British Scientist Aims to Be The Most ‘Cybernetic’ Human Ever Created” by Roger Dufur at
“Beyond Genuine Stupidity — Making Smart Choices About Intelligent Infrastructure” by Alexandra Whittington at
“The biohacker who wants to become cyborg to be more perfect” by Zoltan Istvan at
“Blockchain In Fintech: The New Age Of Banking” by Roger Dufur at
“China publishes Chang’e 4 data one year after first landing on far side of the moon” by Alberto Lao at
“Could Ethereum Hit $1 Trillion? Analyst Says Over 1,000% Rally Possible” by Quinn Sena at
“Could Israeli startup help stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus?” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Could Scientists ‘Hack’ the Zika Virus to Kill Brain Cancer?” by Genevieve Klien at
“Dealing With Machine Intelligence Explosion” by Brent Ellman at
“Digital Gold — New Legal Opportunities Emerging from Technology Innovation” by Alexandra Whittington at
“Fighting Ebola and other Highly Hazardous Pathogens In A Hot Zone! — Colonel (ret) Dr. Mark Kortepeter, MD, MPH” by Ira S. Pastor at
“Gut bacteria could protect against Parkinson’s” by Paul Battista at
“Has physicist’s gravity theory solved ‘impossible’ dark energy riddle?” by Quinn Sena at
“Here come the robots: intelligent machines could take, make, or reboot software testing and security jobs” by Alexandra Whittington at
“Hidden Computational Power Found in the Arms of Neurons” by Brent Ellman at
“How To Hack A Human Brain” by Derick Lee at
“Immortal Digital Existence” by Shailesh Prasad at
“IOT needs decentralized, long-range connectivity. It’s finally coming” by Philip Raymond at
“Israeli drug makes Alzheimer’s symptoms disappear in mice” by Paul Battista at
“Israeli researchers discover ‘blue dye’ to repair hearts after attack” by Paul Battista at
“Japan Is Launching Its Own Space Defense Unit” by Gerard Bain at
“Large Military-Grade Drones Could Soon Be Flying Over Your Backyard” by Roger Dufur at
“LG TV Morphs From Flat Screen to Curved With Press of a Button” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Lucy Mission Overview: Journey to Explore the Trojan Asteroids” by Alberto Lao at
“Mars’ Poles Remain Key To Understanding Its Climate, Says Planetary Scientist” by Bruce Dorminey at
“Marty, grocery store robot, celebrates 1st birthday” by Genevieve Klien at
“The Most Complete Brain Map Ever Is Here: A Fly’s ‘Connectome’” by Genevieve Klien at
“Mum No More: 3D Printed Vocal Tract Lets Mummy Speak” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Overcoming human challenges with transhumanism” by Derick Lee at
“The Rich Are Preparing For The Apocalypse Better Than You” by Derick Lee at
“The Rise of Superhumans and the Challenges for Learning and Development” by Alexandra Whittington at
“Salt At Mars’ Poles Is Wildcard In Search For Martian Life” by Bruce Dorminey at
“Shake Hands With The Future With BrainCo’s Brain-Controlled Prosthetic” by Gerard Bain at
“SpaceX is launching ‘dark satellites’ to stop its Starlink project from wreaking havoc with astronomical research. Astronomers are skeptical” by Tracy R. Atkins at
“Students calculate how to build Star Trek photon torpedoes” by Quinn Sena at
“The ‘virtual’ future of Holocaust education is already here” by Roger Dufur at
“The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger” by Alexandria Black at
“We are one step closer to 3D printing human organs in outer space” by Brent Ellman at

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