Lifeboat News #246


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 01/01/23. Copyright 2023 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Greg Bear Memorial

Our Greg Bear unfortunately passed away. Greg was previously President of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) and was husband of our Astrid Bear.
Greg was Consulting Judge for our Lifeboat to the Stars award and he contributed to Lifeboat Foundation’s Visions of the Future which reached #1 under “Hot New Releases in Science Fiction Anthologies” on Amazon. As an accomplished science fiction author of over 50 novels, Greg received five Nebula Awards and two Hugo Awards. He even helped the government prepare for attacks of the future, working with our Arlan Andrews and Jerry Pournelle.
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Cities in Space® 2023

Cities in Space® 2023 will be held March 24, 2023 at 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST in Austin, Texas.
Our Janet Ivey, Holly Melear, Haroon Oqab, Jeff Smith, and Rick Tumlinson will be speaking.
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Longevity Summit 2022

The Longevity Summit 2022 will be held December 6–7 in Novato, California.
Our Stephanie Dainow, Matt Kaeberlein, Morgan Levine, Matthew “Oki” O’Connor, and Marco Quarta will be speaking.
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Read the first contact science fiction book “The Angrelline” by our Pete Bonasso at This is a sequel to “Portals”.
Read “Becoming Off-Worldly: Learning from Astronauts to Prepare for Your Spaceflight Journey” by our Laura Forczyk at
This book includes a forward by our Frank White.
Read “Cryostasis Revival: The Recovery of Cryonics Patients through Nanomedicine” by our Robert A. Freitas Jr. at
You can also read this 700+ page book for free at
Read “ES 1 – Fall: EggShell” by our Alex Thatcher at Kamron Armour, an A.I. created from the mind graft of a human from the 21st century, is brought back online 50,000 years later by a human with no name except Man O’ War. This “Man O’ War” appears, impossibly, to be a friend from the 21st century, somehow, still alive.
Read “Fender the Fall: A Sci-Fi Novella” by our Roy Christopher at
Read “Meat Market: 13th Anniversary Odd Edition” by our Alex Thatcher at In one generation, our society’s technology, morals, beliefs and fundamental place in the universe changed drastically. With lifespans becoming longer and technological gains coming quicker, terms and definitions being redefined weekly, if not daily, what might occur in the next generation?
Read the first contact science fiction book “Portals” by our Pete Bonasso at
Read “The Random and Fluctuating World: Celebrating Two Decades of Fluctuation and Noise Letters” coedited by our Laszlo Kish at
Read “Sovereign Mars: Transforming Our Values through Space Settlement” by our Jacob Haqq-Misra at


Al Karaki joins our blog team with the post “NoWhere to EMIT, NoWhere to HIDE” at
Jeff Kendall joins our blog team with the post “Age of the Androids” at
Sara Negar joins our blog team with the post “World’s first cloned arctic wolf is now 100 days old” at
Frank Schueler joins our blog team with the post “Mike Kope at Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2022” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“Attractive female students no longer earned higher grades when classes moved online during COVID-19” by Raphael Ramos at
“Beer Ingredient May Inhibit Clumping of Alzheimer’s Protein” by Nicholi Avery at
“Cancer vaccine could be ready for use by 2030, say BioNTech founders” by Gemechu Taye at
“Dead stars covered in space debris could reveal the origins of planets” by Atanas Atanasov at
“ESA SOLARIS: Wireless Power Beamed Down From Space” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“First Experimental Proof That Quantum Entanglement Is Real” by Genevieve Klien at
“France’s Nuclear Reactors Malfunction as Energy Crisis Bites” by Genevieve Klien at
“Gamma rays from a dwarf galaxy solve an astronomical puzzle” by Saul Morales Rodriguez at
“Google’s new AI can hear a snippet of song—and then keep on playing” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Greg Bear, prize-winning sci-fi author and Comic-Con co-founder, dies at 71” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Honeybee swarms generate more electricity per metre than a storm cloud” by Liliana Alfair at
“How scientists want to make you young again” by John Davies at
“Huge, unusually powerful explosion in space just detected by scientists” by Paul Battista at
“Is the Higgs boson the first step to a ‘Star Trek’ transporter?” by Quinn Sena at
“‘Killer Robots’ Are Already Here. They Just Don’t Look Like You Think” by Saul Morales Rodriguez at
“Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 1st flight after major software update” by Alberto Lao at
“Mathematician Yitang Zhang Confirms Partial Solution to Riemann Hypothesis” by Dan Kummer at
“NASA returns to the Moon: Orion Spacecraft completes lunar flyby” by Alberto Lao at
“New cancer CRISPR treatment sees patients’ immune system attack tumors” by Paul Battista at
“New Metal Lungs Boosted Mammals’ Respiratory Efficiency” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“New system retrofits diesel engines to run on 90% hydrogen” by Quinn Sena at
“Nobel Prize: Quantum Entanglement Unveiled” by Saul Morales Rodriguez at
“Not Science Fiction: Methane-Eating ‘Borgs’ Have Been Assimilating Earth’s Microbes” by Paul Battista at
“Phase 3 clinical trial: Brain cancer vaccine shows promising results” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“Physicists predict the novel entangled states on programmable quantum simulators” by Dan Breeden at
“Present And Future Exist Simultaneously, According To This New Theory” by Dan Breeden at
“Researchers Develop a CRISPR-Based Therapy That Penetrates Solid Tumors” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Researchers discover a way to extract more than 95% of uranium from seawater” by Raphael Ramos at
“Roger Penrose: ‘Consciousness must be beyond computable physics’” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“Scientists are struggling to figure out how space transforms our gut microbiome” by Atanas Atanasov at
“Scientists Just Witnessed One of the Most Powerful Cosmic Explosions Ever” by Genevieve Klien at
“Scientists Reproduce Fascinating, Powerful Material Found in Meteorite” by Josh Seeherman at
“Severe depression eased by single dose of synthetic ‘magic mushroom’” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“Taiwan is turning unused metro stations into vertical farms” by Gemechu Taye at
“Teleportation Is Here, But It’s Not What You Think” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“Tesla now can produce cars with just a few massive parts with MIT’s innovative 3D-printed metal” by Gemechu Taye at
“That Our Body Has A MEMORY OF YOUTH Has Been Proved | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips” by Montie Adkins at
“This is how close we are to biological immortality” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“Three subtle signs could give aliens away to astronomers” by Atanas Atanasov at
“Twitter Reveals ‘NFT Tweet Tiles’ in Order to ‘Impact’ the Social Media Experience” by Raphael Ramos at
“What Underpins Exceptional Longevity?” by Dan Kummer at
“Why We Need a Human Base on the Moon” by Dirk Schulze-Makuch at

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