Mar 17, 2022

Kizoo Portfolio Company Revel Pharmaceuticals Announces $8.4M Seed to Develop Repairing-Based Approaches to Reversing Aging

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Proud to lead this $8.2M round at Revel Pharmaceuticals towards the expansion of Revel’s pipeline of enzymatic-repair and crosslink-breakers. The enzyme therapies will reverse aspects of aging by repairing damage that accumulates as we age.

Congrats to Aaron Cravens the entire team! Welcome, James Fickel and Starbloom Capital!

Join the team:

San Francisco, CA, U.S., – Revel Pharmaceuticals, a longevity therapeutics company developing enzymes to repair damage from aging, announced today that it has raised $8.4M in Seed financing. The oversubscribed round was led by Kizoo Technology Capital, a leading early-stage investor in breakthrough rejuvenation technologies, and Starbloom Capital with participation from Tubus LLC. The funds will support Revel as it advances its repair-based enzyme therapy pipeline towards the clinic.

Today, enzymes are applied therapeutically in only a handful of applications, including for wrinkle treatment (Botox), cancer (Asparaginase), and cystic fibrosis (DNase). Revel Pharmaceuticals is reimagining how enzymes can be used as therapeutics by developing repair based approaches to aging and disease.

One root cause of aging are the toxic chemical byproducts of metabolism that build up on the long-lived collagen proteins giving our bodies structure. These toxic byproducts build up in the body over time, driving inflammation, stiffening tissues, and leading to increased systolic blood pressure, kidney damage, and increased risk of stroke and death. Revel is developing designer enzymes to precisely remove and repair this damage from aging.

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