Advisory Board

Professor Zhouying Jin

Professor Zhouying Jin is president of the World Future Society China Chapter, and director, Center for Technology Innovation and Strategic Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Beijing, China.
Zhouying is author of The Future of Humanity: From Global Civilization to Great Civilization, Second Edition, Global Technological Change: From Hard Technology to Soft Technology – Second Edition, and The Future of Humanity: Global Civilization and China’s Rejuvenation.
She graduated from Chinese University of Science and Technology in 1965; a researcher, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1960s); Deputy Chief Engineer of Changchun Electric Industrial Administration (1970s); 1980 and 1984, she studied Management and Consultant in Japan Productivity Center and awarded the title of Management Consultant by JPC; Vice secretary-general, China enterprise Directors (Managers) Association of State Economic Committee of China (1980s). From 1988 (to present), she serves for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Zhouying was visiting professor of Case Western Reserve University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S. (1993–1994); Senior Research Fellow, Institute For The Future (U.S. CA, Menlo Park 1996.1~3); Special researcher, Institute of Science and Technology policy of Japan (2001.12-2002-4); visiting professor of University of Aix-Marseille III of France (2003.9-10).
In the past fifteen years she led more than 30 important projects within 20 projects that were asked by central government, ministry, Chinese academy of social sciences, or international organizations, e.g. in 1996–2000, she was the Team Leader of Strategy Research Expert for the High-Tech Research & Development Plan (Nation’s S863 Plan, 2001–2010) of China; in 2001–2005, led the project of “Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development” asked by CASS.
Among her publications, there are 15 monograph, 6 translation, more than 20 joint publications; more than 30 research reports and hundreds of thesis, including “Management and Enterprises Diagnosis”, Beijing; “Soft Technology – The Essence and Space of Innovation”, Beijing and U.S. “Service Innovation and Social Resource”, Beijing; “Virtual Institute and Organization innovation”, London; “Technology Driving Force for Sustainable Development – Principle of harmony and balance”, London; “Soft Technology”, Japan; “Technological Institution and Soft Technology”, Beijing; “Passer de la representation du present a la vision prospective du future – (technology foresight), France; “Global Technological Change – From Hard Technology to Soft Technology”, UK and U.S.; “Technological Progress in History: Survey of Evolution and Shift of Emphasis From ‘Hard-tech’ to ‘Soft-tech’ Development”, London; “Institutional innovation on Coal bed Methane industry”, “Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development”; “Systematic solution to meet green economic growth and sustainable development”, U.S.; “Beyond GDP, Genuine progress indicators in China”; “What kind of future do we need? — Reflections from China”; etc. She holds two personal copyrights on evaluation enterprises and technological project.
Relevant Experience: During 1982–1995 Zhouying was consulted and diagnosed over 30 Medium and Large Scale Companies; Vice President, Chinese Research & Consultation Corp. of Economic & Technology (1990–1993); Senior Advisor for over ten large and medium State-owned companies. During 1989–1999, as volunteer work with Care Japan to help China’s depressed area such as Tong County of Hubei Province, NanChong County of Sichuan Province, etc.
Academic Experience: Zhouying is a Guest Professor of Hohai University (Nanjing) and Academic member of Shanghai Academy of Systematic Science. Adviser for Soft Power Research Center of JINAN University; Vice chairman of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Forum.
She was a Member of Professional Committee of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1992–2000), Guest Professor of Chinese University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University (Beijing).
She is President of China chapter of World Future Society (WFS); Member of Global Advisory Council of WFS; Planning Committee Member and Chair of China node of the Millennium Project; Member, The Club of Rome EU-Chapter; Research Fellow of World Business Academy (Ojai, CA, U.S.); Senior Research Fellow of IC2 Institute At Austin; Fellow of the WIF (World innovation Foundation); Member of the Research Advisory Board for “ETHICAL MARKETS” ITV; Member of Editorial Board, “AI & Society” in Britain; International Journal of “Technology Intelligence and Planning” in France; “World Future Review — A Journal of Strategic Foresight”; etc.