Advisory Board

Yuriy Svidinenko, M.S.

Yuriy Svidinenko, M.S. is CEO at Nanobotmodels Company.
Yuriy’s company Nanobotmodels was founded in 2007 and its goal is to develop modern art–science–technology intersections. Nanotechnology boosts medicine, engineering, biotechnology, and electronics so artwork and a vision of the nanofuture is needed.
They are making high-end nanotechnology and nanomedicine illustrations and animations. The level of detail in each medical illustration can be used to simplify complex structures and make them visually attractive. Their clients include the largest medicine photobanks, nanotechnology magazines and publications, educational organization, and private companies.
Yuriy earned his MS in Electrical Drive and Automation at Krivyi Rig Technical University in 2002.
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