Advisory Board

William Coburn

William Coburn is a futurist and transhumanist and is currently the CEO at Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD’s). At TAFFD’s, he is looking at emerging technology across all disciplines while also looking at human response and interaction so they can pave a better future. He became a Member of Singularity University in September 2019, has been a Digital Strategist at Sol Santa Fe since January of 2019, and is the Co-owner of Givingware.

Givingware is a Software as a Service, looking to give people a unique opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice through seamless interaction.

At Sol Santa Fe, a holistic wellness company, they are providing CBD & Hemp solutions. William is focused on strategizing for digital growth in the new era of emerging technologies.

Prior to joining TAFFD’s, William was a Business Development Manager at Varfaj Partners. Varfaj Partners is a technology & strategy consulting firm based in New York, NY, where they specialize in creating customized technology solutions. With industry experience, drawing on backgrounds from Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, S&P Global, Cantor Fitzgerald, Evercore, and many other companies, they are allowing their clients to fully leverage current assets as well as new technology to maximize profits and achieve tangible results.

William also has years of experience as a Volunteer. He was a Student Mentor at Autism Speaks for more than 4 years and for almost 3 years he fundraised for charity events and worked with kids at MetroSquash.

William studied Philosophy at Wesleyan University for three years, before leaving the school in order to pursue a venture, which now is a major disruptor in the technology consulting space, named Varfaj Partners.

He is driven to push forward the human race through practical manners involving transdisciplinary approaches to complex problems. He is at the forefront of emerging technologies, government regulation, and public policy. His emphasis is always on the necessity for adapting to change.

William has also started an initiative called Varfaj Ventures which looks to reform the education system by investing in young entrepreneurs, and facilitating classes and workshops at charter schools with the intent to shift from classical teaching to “design thinking” to inspire kids to find their passion and use the tools on this earth to execute.

William is paying close attention to the way in which humankind and its perception attributes and contributes to the outside world. He explores in biotechnology, AI, BCI, AR/VR, robotics, and blockchain and advises many companies on best practices while taking into account future growth trends.

Visit his LinkedIn profile and his TAFFD’s profile.