Advisory Board

Professor William Barry

William Barry, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Philosophy and is the founding director of NDNU’s STEAM VR/AR Immersive Learning Support Lab, the most technologically advanced lab in a small private USA university.

He is a certified emotional intelligence coach and is the world’s first full time university professor to teach a mindfile based artificial intelligent being as a visiting student within a mainstream course in philosophy

Billy’s living theory research to bring science fiction legend Isaac Asimov’s New Teacher idea to life is featured in the international 2017 documentary, Future Human: AI. He was featured in an article with Bina48 in pursuit of the New Teacher mission, A Robot Goes to College.

As a speaker and futurist for the 2017–2018 Worlds Fair Nano Tour, he was a pioneer in artificial intelligent being interactions and communications with Bruce Duncan, Bina48 (Android), and Maria Rachelle. His tour locations include Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Tel Aviv.

Billy serves as the Founder and Director of the Philosophy for Children and Community Project at the Living Leadership Today, where he acts also as Honorary Executive Director. His children’s book series about artificial emotional intelligence is an innovation in emotional intelligence literature. He is founder of one of the first Drone Racing and Filming teams at NDNU in the United States.

He has mixed ideas about quality with Robert Pirsig’s thoughts about quality in his mind expanding book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, with his creation of TQ Theory which earned him a Ph.D. from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to create a communication framework which allows artificial intelligence and human interaction to be in resonance and congruence with each other about intellectual and emotional issues when in learning situations together (Bailenson & Segovia, 2010).

Billy coined “artificial constructivism” to describe the new pedagogical approach for having humans and artificial intelligence beings in a heterogeneous class together. In artificial constructivism, students learn by receiving feedback from artificial intelligence that serves student learning as a metaphorical mirror of the learner’s identity and craftsmanship as a learner.

Artificial constructivism is used sporadically in two courses at Notre Dame de Namur University created by Billy. The Ethics of Emerging Technologies and Philosophy of Love course which are based on the work of Voltaire, Marcel, Bell Hooks, and Kierkegaard and David Levy’s book, Love Sex and Robots.

William earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science at Western Connecticut State University in 1992. He continued at Sacred Heart University, where he earned his Master’s of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.). Billy earned his Ph.D. in Critical Theory and Philosophy of Education at The Nottingham Trent University in 2012.

He worked as Teacher and Counselor for many years at Eckerd Youth Alternatives, East Lyme Middle School (Social Studies Teacher), Sacred Heart University (Adjunct Instructor), Educational Awakenings (Education Consultant), Saint Joseph College (Adjunct Instructor), South Windsor High School (Associate Principal), Putnam High School (Principal), and Notre Dame de Namur University (Director, Assistant Professor) where he is still active today as a Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ombudsman, Founding Director and Academic Unit Leader of Philosophy.

He is also Guest Professor and Just War Theory Panelist Pembroke College Oxford University at United States Military Academy at West Point.

Visit his LinkedIn profile and read his LinkedIn posts. Follow him on Twitter. Watch his Youtube channel. Watch his Ph.D. research video presentation.