Advisory Board

Wayne White, J.D.

Wayne White, J.D. is President & CEO, SpaceBooster LLC.
Wayne is an experienced government contracts attorney and manager, with a graduate business degree, and a strong aptitude for science and technology. 30+ years experience in aerospace and defense, in academia, in industry, and as a space activist.
He has extensive knowledge of FAR, NFS, DFARS, ITAR, EAR, and other national and international space laws and regulations. He is a key member of a proposal team that successfully bid on the NASA Constellation Space Suit System prime contract, and served as Contract Manager following contract award.
Wayne is an internationally-recognized author, and frequent speaker on civil, military, and commercial space law and policy topics. He has strong research and analysis skills and significant courtroom experience as an attorney in private practice.
He authored Real Property Rights in Outer Space and Proposal for a Multilateral Treaty Regarding Jurisdiction and Real Property Rights in Outer Space. Read the full list of his publications!
Wayne earned his B.A. in Psychology/Business Administration at Chapman University in 1978. He earned his M. Admin in Business Administration/Finance at the University of California, Riverside in 1980. He earned his J.D. in Law at the University of California, Davis — School of Law in 1983.
Listen to his interviews on The Space Show hosted by our Dr. David Livingston. Read his LinkedIn profile.