Advisory Board

Valerija Udalova (Pride)

Valerija Udalova (Pride) is Member of Coordination Council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement, and General Director, KrioRus.
Valerija is a sociologist, futurist, an expert in cryonics, and author of many articles on science popularization under the nom de plume Valerija Pride.
KrioRus is the first and only cryonics company in Eurasia that has its own storage facility. They were founded in 2003. More than 200 people have signed up with them and they have cryopreserved 51 people and 19 pets.
In 1984, Valerija graduated from the Moscow Physics and Technical Institute, specializing in physics.
Read Freeze, Die, Come to Life: The Many Paths to Immortality in post-Soviet Russia. View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile and her Wikipedia profile (Polish).