Advisory Board

V.R. Manoj

V.R. Manoj is a Research Scholar (Doctoral Student) at the Centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University, India. His area of research is biological wastewater treatment. He is a postgraduate in microbiology and is also qualified in bioinformatics, cell culture and plant tissue culture. V.R. coined the word “Cybofree” along with Prof. Jayapaul Azariah to describe the concepts of cyborg embodiment in the paper Cybofree – Cyborgs, Fantasy, Reality, Ethics and Education. He has now also published the free book Cybofree: Posthuman Bioethics for a Sustainable Humanity.
V.R. is a founding member of the Indian chapter of the WTA and is currently the Organizational Director for the Second Life chapter of the WTA. Amongst others, he is a member of the Microbiologists Association of India and of the All India Bioethics Association. His specific interests in transhumanism range from cyborgs and metaverses to the environmental and spiritual aspects.
He authored Cochlear Cyborgs : Human Issues with Cochlear Implants, The Cyborg comes to Second Life, Cyborgs and Altruism, Lego my Cyborg!, Khannea’s View on Humans, Cyborg Civilizations : The Realization of the Species State, Cyborg Discrimination and the promise of Technology, i-LIMB, the Bionic Arm with movable fingers!, Citizen Cyborg or Cyborg Citizen?, Cyborgs and Religion, Cyborgs and Human Evolution, Cyborg Warriors – Body armor in human conflicts, and Travel to Space in style : MIT Professor develops Trendy Biosuit!.
His blog Cyborg Fantasies has been commenting on cyborg concepts since 2004. He can speak, read, and write English, Hindi, and Tamil and can speak Malayalam. Read his LinkedIn profile.