Advisory Board

Dr. Tom Kerwick, B.Tech., M.Eng.

Tom Kerwick, B.Tech., M.Eng., Ph.D. is staff at Ceva Inc, a leading licensor of DSP, wireless connectivity, AI and smart sensing technologies.
Tom is a multidisciplinary engineer and activist. He graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Engineering in 1995, a Masters in Computer Systems in 1996 with a thesis on real-time AI applications of expert system shells, and more recently a Ph.D. in Engineering Technology in 2011 with his dissertation on the safety procurement of high energy (TeV+) collisions within the particle collider industry entitled The Safety Procurement of TeV+ Collisions within the Particle Collider Industry.
Amid concerns from segments of the general public and many academics, Tom involved in the safety procurement debate on the issue of TeV+ collisions in the particle collider industry from 2007–2011, both in peer review of academic papers, which became the subject matter of his Ph.D. — and in raising the matter of safety concerns with European Parliament. Tom’s official position is that although such experiments have passed reasonable safety debate, the discussion on such safety concerns must remain open and inclusive, as should any topic which relates to the safeguarding of the survival of our planet.
Tom has also authored five papers on Micro Black Hole theory — Discussions on the Hypothesis that Cosmic Ray Exposure on Sirius B Negates Terrestrial MBH Concerns from Colliders, Exploring Terrestial Flux of Hypothetical Stable Micro Black Holes Produced in Particle Colliders Relative to Natural Cosmic Ray Exposure, Neutron Star Safety Assurance Concerns to Particle Collider Operation of TeV-Scale P-P Collisions, Micro Black Holes — Hypothetical Terrestrial Flux and a Re-Visitation of Astrophysical Safety Assurances, and The Next Great Supercollider — Beyond the LHC. He also authored a paper on the exploration of the Jovian system for the Washington Academy of Sciences titled Colonizing Jupiter’s Moons: An Assessment of Our Options and Alternatives.
Besides his academic pursuits, he finds additional avenues of interest as both a novice writer and as a musician, has been proactive in his local community fundraising for the Samaritans support group in his locality in Ireland, and is also the proud father of two.
Tom earned his Bachelors from the Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland), his Masters from the University of Limerick (also in Ireland), both achieved to the highest levels of distinction, and was awarded a Doctorate via Corllins University (Universal Degrees), again with distinction, for qualitative and quantitative research.
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