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Dr. Suzanne Gildert

Suzanne Gildert, Ph.D. is Research Fellow, Condensed Matter Physics, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Suzanne is a postdoctoral experimental physicist working in the field of quantum devices, specifically superconducting flux qubits and Josephson Junctions. She’s interested generally in anything device related, be it superconducting, semiconducting or otherwise, and the promise of some of these technologies for seeding breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence. She also likes making cake (mainly for other people to eat).
She’s currently working for D-Wave Systems, a company which is building the world’s first commercially available quantum computer.
She’s a big fan of sci-fi and popular science books (and films to a lesser extent). She’s generally interested in weird and wonderful theories of physics, AI, quantum computing, complexity, social physics, mathematics, neuroscience, technological progress, and the links between all these topics. She also enjoys attending conferences, lectures, and generally meeting people who are also interested in learning more about the world.
In her spare time she likes to produce fantasy artwork, pencil sketches, and painting. She uses both traditional methods and digital painting techniques. Visit her art page. She recently published the art and poetry book Gothic Fall. She also enjoys hobby electronics, programming, web design, picnics, sporting odd gothic/victorian costumes, visiting quaint village tea shoppes and cathedrals, transhumanism, and a variety of other things too numerous to list.
Suzanne authored What is quantum co-tunneling and why is it cool?, An adiabatic tragedy of advocates and sceptics, Physics post-singularity?, Life Logging — an urge to create a sparse but useful dataset?, Quantum brains, Herding quantum cats, Quantum Neural Networks 1 — the Superconducting Neuron model, Lifelogging, It’s not cake but it’s close!, UKTA Cryonics meeting, Lab tasks which make me wish I was a theorist, and Enhanced phase escape in the washboard potential.
Suzanne earned her Ph.D. from the School of Physics and Astronomy, The University Of Birmingham in 2008 with the thesis Macroscopic quantum tunnelling effects in Josephson junctions.
Read her blog and her LinkedIn profile. Visit her Facebook page. Follow her Twitter feed. Read Superconductors: Powering the future, probing the past. Watch part 1 of 6 Adiabatic Quantum Computing talk by Dr. Suzanne Gildert, part 1 of 7 Quantum Computer Institute of Physics Talk Dr Suzanne Gildert, and Quantum Computers & AI – Suzanne Gildert [UKH+] (1/10).