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Sherry Mills

Sherry Mills is a multimedia artist and CEO at Sherry Mills Inc.
Sherry was selected by the CEO of the world’s largest digital printing company, MMT, to represent its Outdoor and the Arts program. She was also chosen by her Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, for a two month solo exhibit and honorary reception for her A CLOSER NY project in his office gallery. She was selected by Fourth Arts Block (FAB) for a solo show of her photography on a 40' scaffolding bridge on East 4th Street. She was granted by Clear Channel Outdoor NYC billboard and Taxi Top space for display of her A CLOSER NY imagery as part of their Local Spirit campaign. She was also selected by filmmaker Nathalie Michel as the subject for her next documentary. Her work has been featured by Casa da Abitare Magazine, The New Inquiry Magazine, Dossier Journal, The Beheld, on Bronx Channel 12, Film Courage, Mingle Media TV Network, with a short film made about her work entitled “Sherry Mills on ArtUP” winning entry into the HollyShorts Film Festival.
Sherry is on a mission to dissolve herself into selfless invisibility as much as she is to popularizing arts of radical celebration. She walks the line between hiding and shouting, and is prone to fits of laughter. She has earned a reputation for her playful range of medium and always-provocative message that nothing is quite what we perceive it to be. Her artistic vision collapses the familiar distinctions that box our world into false categories — high and low; masculine and feminine; tragic and comic; old and young — revealing them to be mere matters of perspective.
From billboards to box art, Sherry employs formats that have the power to induce a closer look. That which is gigantic demands attention. That which makes you squint demands attention. She believes paying attention may be resurrected by this act of blowing up and shrinking down the beautiful, yet avoided.
Her current work is sculptural: Portrait Boxes. From answers to 10 questions, she creates a concentrated collaged landscape of one’s personality, daily pleasures, memories, challenges, and dreams inside vintage matchboxes and other small structures. Her intention is that each portrait box may serve as a fresh, alternative mirror before her subjects, encouraging their self-appreciation.
Watch Sherry Mills on ArtUp, Do You Hear Rock & Roll When Looking at a Wall?, Sherry Mills & Nathalie Michel at HollyShorts 2010, and Sherry Mills performance inside The Dad Box. Watch her YouTube channel. Visit her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile. Read her blog. Follow her Twitter feed.