Advisory Board

Dr. Sharon Niv

Sharon Niv, Ph.D. just earned her Ph.D. in Brain Cognitive Science at the University of Southern California. Her focus involves using childhood EEG patterns to predict adolescent mood and behavior, and therapeutic neurofeedback.
Sharon is interested in developments in neuroscience, and advancing understanding of the brain and mind. Her personal aim is to bring technological approaches to psychotherapy. In her graduate work she is working in a behavioral genetics lab, and is involved in projects linking neural patterns to psychopathology in children and adolescents. She works in Dr. Laura Baker’s behavioral genetics lab, which runs the biggest twin study in California.
Sharon earned her B.A. in Molecular and cellular biology at UC Berkeley in 2005 and her M.A. in clinical and brain cognitive psychology at the University of Southern California in 2010. She graduated Singularity University in 2010.
Read her LinkedIn profile, her Singularity University profile, and her Academia profile. Follow her Twitter feed. Visit her Facebook page.