Advisory Board

Seth A. Froom

Seth A. Froom is President of Yellow Jacket.
At Yellow Jacket, they know from first-hand experience what is needed in a violent situation to escape danger. They have designed their iPhone 4 stun gun case to be easily deployable with one hand. In less than two seconds, both safety mechanisms can be deactivated and the Yellow Jacket stun gun is ready for action. Compare this to a regular stun gun which can take five to ten seconds to find and deploy.
Their iPhone stun gun case is capable of stopping an aggressive attacker. The 650K volt of electricity flows from the electrodes and into the assailant upon contact providing a potential victim with the opportunity to escape danger. Unlike other cases, the Yellow Jacket smartphone case gives you the ability to defend yourself.
Seth’s specialties include conceptualization, product design, invention, marketing, market research, idea validation, competitive analysis, generalship, and project management.
Seth is constantly looking for ways to improve the world around him. His long term goal is to enter and compete in the newly burgeoning private commercial space flight arena.
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