Advisory Board

Scott V. Brown

Scott V. Brown is Chairman at Spaceport America Enterprises, Founder at Telluride Tech Festival, President at Global Housing Solutions, and Managing Partner at Western Housing Solutions.
Spaceport America Enterprises is located at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The company is in the process of planning and developing a six star resort in conjunction with Virgin Galactic and others. It is also planning the development of America’s first Smart City from scratch to be located a few miles from Spaceport. This city which is currently being called “Enterprise” will be totally off the grid by design and be a prototype for a space colony on the Moon and later on Mars and beyond.
Scott moved to Telluride in the summer of 1971 from Kansas via Aspen. He founded the Telluride Arts and Crafts Guild that summer, which in 1973 merged with the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities (TCAH) when it was chartered.
As a born organizer, Scott played key roles in saving the Telluride 4th of July Celebration and founding the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride Chamber Music Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Tech Festival, Telluride New Year’s Celebration, and for numerous years was the Chairman of Mountainfilm in Telluride.
Through the years, Scott and his wife, Karen, have owned a stained glass studio, The Forgotten Works, a commercial glass company, Telluride Glass Company, a construction and development company, Pick and Gad Construction and Development, The Bank of Telluride and Montrose County Bank, publishing, The Telluride Times Newspaper and were the founders and publishers of The Telluride Magazine.
In 1992, Scott launched his career in real estate and founded Mason & Morse/Brown Real Estate with Aspen’s largest and oldest real estate company. Subsequently, Scott owned Southwest Realty Group which evolved into Scott Brown Realty, Inc.
As a National Historic District, the Town of Telluride is blessed with several designated National Historic Landmark Buildings of which, Scott and Karen are personally responsible for saving and restoring two, The Pick and Gad Building, and the Old First National Bank Building, which in 2000 was designated a National Historic Treasure by President Bill Clinton. The Building has the same historic designation as the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Monument, and Ellis Island to name a few. The building is clearly a gem, however, its “Treasure Designation” is predominantly due to the fact that the building was built by L.L. Nunn who along with Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse built the world’s first industrial strength alternating current power plant in the world in Telluride in 1891. Further, it is the only building so designated in the nineteen State Rocky Mountain Region. A nearby designated treasure is Cliff House at Mesa Verde National Park. Scott put together the acquisition of both the New Sheridan Hotel and Bar and Roma Café and Bar (now Honga’s) by Leucadia National Corporation which subsequently totally restored both buildings. Scott was also Chairman of the Telluride Housing Authority when the historic cribs were acquired and restored and sold to local residents as affordable housing.
Scott has consistently dedicated himself to community service and has served as the President of the Placer Valley Association, a member of the Telluride Volunteer Fire Department and Treasurer of the Placer Valley Fire Station, Democratic Candidate for County Commissioner in 1978, Chairman of the San Miguel County Planning Commission when the Telluride Region was zoned and the Telluride Mountain Village was approved and the Telluride Ski Resort was expanded, and the Telluride Airport was approved. He was a member of the Telluride Regional Planning Commission (TREPAC) which planned all four major developments (Mountain Village, Valley Floor, Aldasoro, and West Meadows). He is a former Chairman of the Telluride Housing Authority and served on THA when Shandoka was proposed and built and other land parcels for affordable housing were acquired.
Western Housing Solution was founded in Colorado by Scott and partners, John Young and Ted Guy in 2007 to meet the state and national need for affordable housing. With more than 30 years and 30 projects to the partners credit in affordable housing, this consulting and development company is in great demand.
Scott and Karen, who met on Main Street in Telluride, were married in 1974 at the Old School House in Placerville and have three children who have now all graduated from college. Anna (University of Arizona), Sarah (University of Colorado) and Tucker (University of Montana).