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Dr. Sarita Sharma

Sarita Sharma, Ph.D. is Editor-in-Chief of TAFFD’s Magazine of the Future. She is an academician, author, poet, translator, and keynote speaker. She has nine books to her credit across diverse genres. Her most acclaimed works include Days V, a collection of poems and Myriad Voices, a collection of short stories in English, in 2017.

Apart from writing and editing books, Sarita has also translated two novels from regional Indian languages into English. She recently launched her translated fiction, Swadesh – My Motherland, published by Sahitya Akademi. Apart from writing she is also passionately involved with women’s issues and works for the cause of gender equality.

Sarita has been the Editor-In-Chief at TAFFD’s Magazine of the Future since 2019. The magazine is building integrity as the global destination for news, current updates, advertising, and research. They have traversed the world industries of robotics, information technology, communications, education, journalism, dispute resolution, silicon value industries, telecommunication, politics, marriage, family, agriculture, economics, sports, and more. Amidst the changing curves in media communities, TAFFD’s Magazine is the most important reading for discerning readers and customers across the world.

Sarita lives in the small town Tezpur, Assam in India. She is passionate about gender issues and puts in every bit towards making this world an equal place for everyone.

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Sarita was Guest Speaker at Humanity’s Origin is Our Future Again – TAFFD’s Gen4IR Summit in March 2022.

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