Advisory Board

Ryan Witt

Ryan Witt joined Dr Chrono in August of 2011, as the 8th employee of the Yuri Milner and Y Combinator funded EHR company looking to shake up healthcare. His focus there is translating customer feedback into actionable data for the team.
Prior to joining Dr Chrono, Ryan was with nonprofit Innovation and Choice, where he founded the company to focus on the most pressing needs in medicine and healthcare. During his time with Innovation and Choice, he worked in partnership with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, payers, physicians, diagnostic makers, regulators, academics, and elected federal representatives to review and propose federal legislative resolutions.
Ryan earned his degree in Business Economics and a minor in Biology at the University of California, Irvine, where he studied under the likes of Dr. Hung Fan, Dr. Andrea Tenner, Dr. Donald Saari, Dr. David Neumark, Dr. Heather Dickinson-Anson, Dr. David Fruman, and other esteemed professors. His studies drew closer to the discourses of molecular-biology and cancer biology as he worked to help his grandfather battle stage IV-non-small-cell lung cancer.
His current goals are to help people through creating world-changing, sustainable businesses and tweak the DNA of our country (our laws) to facilitate bringing game-changing innovations to mass market.
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