Advisory Board

Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis is Cofounder of nuZoe and Founder of Lightplay Resources.
Robert is working to be part of the community outside the walls of the church. He is working to develop neighborhood groups that live out of the principles that Jesus told us about in the Scripture. Desire to, comfort those who are hurting and in need; rejoice with those who rejoice; proclaim the good news of the victory Jesus has won for all of us to those who have not yet heard; and live with respect and love for those who can not yet accept the message of salvation or who have, for some reason, rejected Jesus.
His desire is to work as part of a global team to create Church Without Walls where members of the Body of Christ are able to study, to encourage, to be encouraged, to share their stories of faith, and to share each others joys and burdens without regard to the barriers of geography and culture. He has made a small beginning and is excited to see where our Lord Jesus will take us as we strive in Him to be His witnesses until He returns for His bride The Church.
Robert was previously Media Minister at Two by Two Ministries at Village Baptist Church; Independent Representative at Excel Communications, Dallas; Director of Non-Automotive Consulting at CIS-ITI Automotive Software Systems, Louisville; Vice President at CIS — PYTHIA Corporation / Indianapolis-Carson City-Springfield-Athens; Consulting Director at CIS-PC Solutions, Indianapolis; Founder and Chief Consultant / Governmental Sales Consultant at Curtis Information Systems / Egghead — San Antonio/Dallas; CEO at CIS – Emerald City Resources /DIADUS; and Assistant to the President at Bellevue Airfield Corporation.
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