Advisory Board

Rhonda Stevenson

Rhonda Stevenson is President / CEO of Tau Zero Foundation, President / CEO of Space Mining and Resources Coalition, and CEO of Blue Elysium Capital Group.
Tau Zero Foundation resources from a vast international network of dedicated, accomplished scientists, aerospace engineers, journalists, artists, and science fiction writers. They look beyond the comfort zone of our peers for revolutionary gains, yet in steps that can be accomplished today. Their experts are engaged for their drive to explore ideas beyond the comfort zone of their peers, and the competence and objectivity to make genuine, reliable progress. Their network includes the experts most capable of addressing the formidable challenges of interstellar flight, while focusing on bringing value to the near, and interim term development of the rapidly growing private space industry. From this growing foundation of impartial knowledge, future missions and vehicles will be created.
Space Mining and Resources Coalition (SM&RC) is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to research and promote the commercial use of the growing inventory of measured and indicated mineral and energy resources found in outer space. It works to provide information to the aerospace industry about mining, and to the mining industry about aerospace, providing a clearinghouse function that maximizes the cross-fertilization of knowledge and serves as an industry connector in order to facilitate the maximum utility of space mineral and energy resources to the long-term economic benefit of humankind.
Rhonda is an experienced serial entrepreneur, with several successful businesses under her belt, including franchise, agriculture, and youth leadership endeavors. With a background in aviation and working experience as an environmental chemist, she brings copious amounts of knowledge and experience with regards to business operations, production efficiency, due diligence, quality control, executive management, and leadership. Forging successful relationships that would typically not be possible, she excels at establishing symbiotic systems, and incorporating density and efficiency within those systems.
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