Advisory Board

Quan Liu, MSc

Quan Liu, MSc is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Science and Technology of China. His research focus is on machine learning for natural language processing.
His papers include Probabilistic Reasoning via Deep Learning: Neural Association Models, Intra-Topic Variability Normalization based on Linear Projection for Topic Classification, Part-of-Speech Relevance Weights for Learning Word Embeddings, Learning Semantic Word Embeddings based on Ordinal Knowledge Constraints, and Integrate Document Ranking Information into Confidence Measure Calculation for Spoken Term Detection.
Research works

  • Commonsense Reasoning via Deep Learning
    Research in commonsense reasoning, automatic knowledge base constructions, etc.
  • Coreference Resolution
    Coreference resolution with world and commonsense knowledge.
  • Embedding Techniques for NLPs
    Represent natural language using neural network methods.
  • Spoken Term Detection
    Keyword searching in audio speech databases.
  • Document Classification
    Research in spoken topic classification.