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Phil Newman

Phil Newman is the Editor-in-Chief at Longevity Technology and Founder and CEO at First Longevity, a digital investment platform focused on bringing together innovators and investors to commercialize the companies that will form the Longevity economy and Longevity startups.

Longevity Technology is a publishing platform focused on technologies that will enable humans to have healthy extended lifespans, free from the disease of aging.

Since 2001, Phil has been the Founder at PERGALI, an international consulting practice, working with startups, mid-size businesses who are looking to expand, and disruptive divisions of global enterprises. They specialize in technology and tech-enabled innovations in business and consumer markets.

Phil has been consulting many successful startups, held C-level management positions, and applied his marketing and business development expertise into different tech sectors including longevity, IoT, artificial intelligence, medical devices, biopharma, 3D manufacturing, smart grids, and sustainability.

As a consultant, he helped establish market entry and launch strategies for Touch Bionics between 2005 and 2011. They developed the i-LIMB Hand — the world’s first commercially available bionic hand. The company was sold to Ossur in 2017.

Phil’s work in bionics led him to the Steering Committee, where he was invited as a member by Joint Academies. Four of the UK’s national scientific academies, The Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society, collaborated for the first time to consider the implications of human enhancement technologies. It was not until this joint effort that the impact of human enhancement technologies was considered in terms of its impact on the nature of work.

From 2006 to 2021, Phil worked and consulted for Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems UK. He was also a consultant with Flexitricity, today’s largest live open-market smart grid operation in the UK, supplying reserve services to the National Grid. From 2013 to 2017, he consulted Fuel3D, a developer of advanced 3D scanning systems and solutions.

In May 2019, PERGALI acquired OOKII, an independent and highly respected marketing company that Phil cofounded in 2014.

Between 2017 and 2020, Phil was involved with the IoT Company Hanhaa, which is currently disrupting the logistic sector, and with Rowheels, who are making the standard wheelchair obsolete and democratizing access to medical devices.

Currently, Phil is also a consultant at Adapttech, a biomedical innovation company that brings new smart technologies to market that improve the quality of life for people with physical limitations.

In his free time, Phil is a cyclist and swimmer, and he loves adventures. He is also a Buddhist and a vegetarian.

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