Advisory Board

Dr. Nicoletta Iacobacci

Nicoletta Iacobacci, Ph.D. is Tech Advisor on Ethical Policies for Exponential Growth, Keynote speaker, Author, and VR expert.
Nicoletta is Ethics HyperLeader at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Director for Switzerland at Singularity University, Curator at TEDxCarouge, and xPrize Vanguard at XPRIZE.
She earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), focusing on Ethics, Media, and Exponentially Growing Technologies, at European Graduate School in 2015. She graduated Singularity University in 2014. She earned her Master in Arts of Communication (Computer Graphics) at New York Institute of Technology in 1986.
Watch Nicoletta Iacobacci: Exponential Moments and Let’s talk robots | Nicoletta Iacobacci | TEDxCarthage. Read Pulp Ethics Exponential tech needs exponential ethics. Read her LinkedIn profile. View her Facebook page. Follow her Twitter feed.