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Neil McClelland

The Independent article Spray-on miracle could revolutionize manufacturing said

It sounds too good to be true: a non-toxic spray invisible to the human eye that protects almost any surface against dirt and bacteria, whether it is hospital equipment and medical bandages or ancient stone monuments and expensive fabrics.
But true it is. The spray is a form of “liquid glass” and is harmless to living things and the wider environment. It is being touted as one of the most important, environmentally-friendly products to emerge from the field of nanotechnology, which deals in objects at the molecular end of the size scale.

Neil McClelland is Project Manager, Nanopool GmbH which has developed this nanotechnology-based spray.
Neil has been working as a consultant project manager for over 10 years. Moving from a background in Psychology and Education he has also worked within the field of International Management Training and Product Design. (He has also worked as viticulturer, having managed a vineyard in France for 4 years and he has sailed extensively with his family.) He has been the Project Manager for nanopool GmbH since 2005.
Nanopool GmbH is a family owned company which is based near Saarbrucken in Germany. The core competency of Nanopool is the formulation of products based on an adaptation of the Sol Gel process.
The solutions created by Nanopool allow the enduser to apply an ultra thin layer of SiO2 to almost any surface. When applied to a surface, the coating, which is approximately 80–100nm thick, provides many exceptional enhancements. Essentially treated surfaces become super phobic and bio-statically active, these characteristics result in the surfaces becoming easy to clean and most surfaces can be cleaned with water alone. NP coatings which are either water-based or alcohol-based can be applied with great ease to almost any surface. The coating are also highly durable, flexible (200%), heat tolerant (-40 to 450c), resistant to acids and alkalines (0.5 to 12.5 ph), resistant to solvents, and breathable at the molecular level.
Nanopool is currently the world leader in the field of SiO2 particle free nanolayering technology. Their products are already on sale in leading store groups and they are currently working on projects with many of the world’s leading retailers and industrial groups. Nanopool is also the proud winner of several environmental awards, most recently they were presented with a Golden Green Apple award by The Green Organization.