Advisory Board

Monika Berghoff

Monika Berghoff has been involved with Tamera since 1986. Tamera is an international peace research center located in Southern Portugal with a big goal: to end global violence.
Monika was born in 1954 in Germany, her mother coming from Russia, her father from Canada. Through this the “cold war” was present even in her most intimate environment.
From childhood she wanted to help those living under underprivileged conditions, especially in the so-called Third World. She studied agriculture in the University of Goettingen, Germany and became an Agricultural Engineer in 1982. Two years before, she spent some months in Guatemala as part of her studies. It was the end of her dream to help in the way she thought she could help. She realized that she would only work on symptoms. The roots of their suffering had to be found in her culture and her country. Years followed where she kept looking for a solution.
Monika understands that a powerful way out of today’s disaster is the development of places where it can be demonstrated how a future society based on peace and trust looks like. Tamera is what Buckminster Fuller once said: To overcome an old system, build a new one, that makes the existing system obsolete.
Watch Monika Berghoff, Heilungsbiotop Tamera (German). Visit her Facebook page.