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Mike “Schwann Cybershaman” Kawitzky

Mike “Schwann Cybershaman” Kawitzky is a columnist, sci-fi writer, and independent filmmaker who directed Cognition Factor working with Terence Mckenna and Dennis Mckenna. He has been owner of Headspace Studios (Pty) Ltd since 1998 and is author of Journey to Everywhere which documents the evolution of cyber-consciousness via social networking from a uniquely South African viewpoint.
Twenty years ago, way back in the primordial soup of the early Network in an out of the way electromagnetic watering hole called USENET, Mike entered the previous millennium’s virtual nexus of survival-of-the-weirdest via an accelerated learning process calculated to evolve a cybernetic avatar from the Corpus Digitalis.
Now, as Schwann Cybershaman, he has filmed rocket launches and solar eclipses for South African Astronomical Observatories and produced educational programs for the South African Large Telescope (SALT). Latest efforts include videography for the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town October 2011, and a completed, soon-to-be-released gonzo autobiography.
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