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Matthew Wade Holler

Matthew Wade Holler is the Creative Director at Explore Mars, Technical Director of The Humans to Mars Summit Series, and the Art Director of The Humans to Mars Report Series. As well, he is the Director of Digital Content and Media Strategy at Explore Mars and Multimedia Engineer at Devil Street Decks.

Explore Mars is a project oriented, international non-profit organization dedicated to awareness and action resulting in successful human exploration of Mars. Wade joined the company in 2013 through Internship as Digital Designer. When completed, he became Multimedia Administrator and soon, in 2014, the Art Director of The Humans to Mars Report Series.

The Humans to Mars Summit Series is the largest and most comprehensive annual conference in the world focused on getting humans to Mars through collaboration between industry leadership, emerging private opportunities, and government organizations.

The Humans to Mars Report Series offers a comprehensive look at the progress of technical, political, scientific, and public perception for Human exploration of Mars, and seeks to inform the decision-makers in an effort to ensure sustainable planning and strategy is possible for successful human exploration of Mars. Read The Humans to Mars Report from 2019.

Since 2010, Wade has been with skateboard company Devil Street Decks, transforming original skateboards artwork into functional production print templates and web formatted graphics.

He was Digital Media Consultant at Lash Affair by J.Paris between 2015 and 2017.

Wade earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Media Production from Salem State University in 2015. He earned Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) in Liberal Arts and Sciences and General Studies and Humanities in 2012.

Read the Report: Human to Mars — An Analytical Look.

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