Advisory Board

Dr. Matthew O. Iklé

Matthew O. Iklé, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Mathematics Department of Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics Adams State College. He is Team Leader for the Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute. He is also Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Kuvera Quantitative Analyst Researcher, Novamente, LLC. and Applied Mathematician at Syschem Inc.
Matt authored Exact (1+1)-Dimensional Solutions to a Discrete Velocity Model for Coagulation-Fragmentation, and coauthored Probabilistic Logic Networks: A Comprehensive Conceptual, Mathematical and Computational Framework for Uncertain Inference, Positive similarity solutions for a discrete velocity boltzman coagulation-fragmentation model, On the Dynamics of Genetic Algorithms (and Other Evolving Systems), Indefinite Probabilities for General Intelligence, and A convergence theorem for the simple GA with population size tending to infinity. Read the full list of his publications!
At Novamente, he has created the Indefinite Probabilities foundation for Probabilistic Logic Networks component of the Novamente integrative AI system, developed and tested statistical and pattern recognition techniques for inclusion in the Kuvera market prediction product, and developed techniques and tools for measuring weight-of-evidence.
He was previously team leader of the Cognitive Dynamics Group at Webmind, Inc. where he investigated and characterized the mathematical dynamics of a cutting-edge, massively distributed AI system. He also performed simulations and created mathematical models of numerous system aspects, including main activation dynamics, scheduling systems, attention brokering, link strength normalization, and inhibitory stimuli.
Matt earned his B.A. in Mathematics at Reed College in 1982 with the thesis “Collisions and Collapse: Qualitative Results for the n-Body Problem”, his M.A. in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1989, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1993 with the thesis Exact Solutions to a Discrete Velocity Model for Coagulation-Fragmentation.
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