Advisory Board

Dr. Marsia Bealby

Marsia Bealby, Ph.D. is often described as an extremely educated career-focused woman (5 completed University Degrees and counting). She first studied English at the Hellenic-American Union, Athens and completed a Bachelors with Honors in Archaeology and Art History at the National University of Athens.
Marsia later earned her Certificate in Egyptology (University of Exeter), a Masters Degree in Practical Archaeology (University of Birmingham), and a Doctorate in Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology (University of Birmingham). Her doctoral thesis was in Aegean–Egyptian relations 1900–1400 BC. It examined Aegean–Egyptian interactions from a rather interdisciplinary point-of-view (Aegean Archaeology, Egyptology, Game Theory).
She volunteered in Museums from 2011 to 2018. Additionally, in 2018, she completed a Masters Degree in Museum Practice and Management (Ulster University). Her dissertation discussed how sports cars are displayed in museums as a form of art.
In December 2019, Marsia earned a Masters Degree in International Business (Ulster University) with a focus on the Automotive Industry (uptake of electric and hybrid cars in the UK in relation to Brexit). She is currently studying for her 4th Masters Degree in Strategic Public Relations (University of Stirling, e-learning, estimated completion in late 2021).
Marsia works as a University Lecturer and a Higher Education Professional.
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