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Lorena Zapata

Lorena Zapata is CEO and Cofounder of Infinity Media Marketing, futurist and lover of entrepreneurship, technology and science. She can not get enough of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and the man behind it all, Elon Musk.

Lorena attended Florida State University where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in International Relations and Affairs. Her studies were concentrated in French and Italian Studies, and in 2010 she left to Paris, France where she studied abroad for furthering French Studies. After receiving a certification in French Studies she returned to Florida State University where she continued her studies of International Relations and in the same year started her study of Voice Performance in which she earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in 2013.

She soon moved to the Lyon area in France, where she worked as English Teaching Assistant at Education Nationale. She led multiple classes of 20 students in the art of public speaking, pronunciation, and English oral comprehension. A year later, in 2015, she cofounded a company called Leap Living health company, where she worked as Chief Marketing Officer. Next was a company working on a A.I. assistant. In 2016 at X.AI, Lorena worked as A.I. Trainer and was soon promoted to A.I. Trainer Team Leader some of her responsibilities were:

  • Analyzing language data and classify according to guidelines, with a high level of efficiency and accuracy
  • Providing ongoing feedback and analysis for evolving internally built tools and guidelines
  • Training the artificial intelligence algorithms via constant feedback to the software
  • Helping in the development of Artificial Intelligence
  • Analyzed language data and classify accurately & efficiently
  • Became an expert in subject matter domain
  • Contributed training materials
  • Training and guiding colleagues to be experts

Today Lorena is Owner and Cofounder of Infinity Media Marketing which provides the most efficient, 8-step digital marketing solution for busy plastic surgery practices.

As a cause-based company, a portion of profits go to genetic engineering research for difficult diseases like Alzheimer’s, genetic hearing loss, and all types of cancer.

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