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Kevin Myrick

Kevin Myrick is Founder and CEO of InterPlanetary Ventures, Chief Synergy Officer at Synergy Moon, and Executive Director at the Space Renaissance Initiative. He is also the Owner and Founder at Myrick Communication since 1999.

Kevin is Founder of Team Synergy Moon, one of the five finalist teams, out of an original 33 entrants, competing in the Google Lunar X Prize to land a robotic probe on the Moon. Their history is the coming together of two organizations, Human Synergy Project and Interplanetary Ventures. These two organizations entered the Google Lunar X Prize competition separately as Letter of Intent Teams in 2008, and later merged to become the fully registered Team Synergy Moon in 2009.

Team Synergy Moon was the merger of the arts and sciences and they represent the only international team with members from 15 countries actively promoting international cooperation in space exploration and development. They had planned to use an Interorbital Systems Neptune N-8 LUNA launch vehicle to deploy its Tesla Surveyor rover on the surface of the Moon during the second half of 2017.

Pioneers in space travel and interplanetary exploration, through aerospace research and development, spacecraft launch services, and a wide range of public events and awareness campaigns, Synergy Moon aims to inspire humanity’s desire to explore the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Synergy Space is a group of adventurers, social entrepreneurs, educators, artists, scientists, technologists, and engineers coming together from the Google Lunar X Prize competition forming Team Synergy Moon and now as Synergy Space. They aim to inspire and invigorate humanity’s movement toward space settlement. This network is bringing mission organizers, spacecraft owners, educators, students, hobbyists, and citizen scientists together to facilitate partnerships, to own or operate space exploration hardware, and to facilitate space exploration expeditions.

Synergy Space is committed to getting Back to the Moon, and there to stay. They work with Space For Humanity as a strategic partner to create the missions, find the funding, and execute the projects that will get people into space. Space for Humanity and the Overview Institute have announced a partnership to send 10,000 citizen astronauts from around the world into space over the next decade.

Kevin is an artist and a technologist who has worked as a theatrical technical director, lighting and multimedia designer, and videographer. He also works in Information Technology, experienced in both hardware and software systems.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Computer Science from Columbia Pacific University in 1991. He earned his second Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Information Technology from American InterContinental University in 2005 and also took graduate courses in Space Studies at the University of North Dakota in 2009.

InterPlanetary Ventures is today a membership based organization that provides opportunities for their members to get involved in space-related activities and achieve their space related goals. Their shared goal is to create the terrestrial and space based infrastructure required to support humanity’s permanent expansion into the bountiful reaches of our solar system.

As the Executive Director at Space Renaissance Initiative, Kevin is helping to realize their mission on getting humanity off-world, not just astronauts engaged in pioneering exploration, but humanity, en masse. They work for the establishment of an interplanetary society, with long-term aspirations for humanity to become an interstellar civilization.

Previously, Kevin worked as Technology Manager, Applications and Systems Programmer, Systems and Operations Manager, and Software Development Manager at McKesson Corporation between 1989 and 1998.

Kevin was for almost 20 years, a Technical Service Coordinator at the African American Art and Culture Complex until 2020 and has over 30 years of experience as both Artist and Technologist. He is also an alumni member of the US National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Kevin regularly hosts webinars and conferences, including African American Multimedia Conference: Youth Day! and Space Law Center Hosts Webinar on Race.

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