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Kali Carrigan, M.A.

Kali Carrigan, M.A. is a devoted public advocate for research on aging and longevity. Her research interests include the sociology of death, semiotics, and meaning-making strategies, end-of-life care, suicide tourism, and existentialism. She is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Amsterdam (AISSR) since 2018.

Briefly she worked as a Research Interviewer at Lindberg International in 2017, and as a freelance Scientific Research Specialist at the Forever Healthy Foundation.

Her background is in genetics — where she has worked as a cancer researcher — and psychology, where she has carried out several projects on narratives of death, and the effects of mortality salience on health-oriented behavior.

Kali earned her Master’s Degree of Arts in Cognitive Semiotics in 2017 from Aarhus University in Denmark. Her thesis was on the semiotics of death in contemporary Europe and the United States.

Formerly, Kali worked as a palliative care counselor at St. Mary’s Hospital Montreal in Canada. This experience helped shape her views on the need for increased advocacy in the public and legislative spheres.

Between 2006 and 2007, she worked as a Cancer Researcher in the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) at St. James Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. She characterized the effects of inhibiting the downstream cyclo-oxygenase enzymes thromboxane synthase and prostacyclin synthase on oesophageal adenocarcinoma cell lines in vitro.

Kali earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Molecular Genetics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2006 and her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Psychology and Latin in 2015, from Concordia University.

As a writer and translator, Kali has authored articles on longevity as an imperative both at the individual and global level, bringing together the ethical, scientific, and health aspects of aging in one unified vision. She is a Science Writer for the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation and, and she Volunteered at the MitoSENS Research Lab of SENS Research Foundation. She was one of the first translators of Aubrey de Grey’s groundbreaking book Ending Aging into Spanish and she was also a contributor to the 2019 Transhumanist Handbook by editor Newton Lee.

Through consulting and advocacy, Kali hopes to bring the advances of longevity science to the general public by providing clear and accessible information on the benefits of longevity for the pursuit of health and wellbeing.

View and read her publications on her Academia page.

Visit her LinkedIn profile and her LEAF Science profile. Follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.