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Johnny Boston

Johnny Boston is an award-winning filmmaker from England who now lives in New York. He’s currently working on 2030, a film about the future and how technology and the attitudes around it will shape our future society. For this film and its connected video series, the Galactic Public Archives, Johnny and his team have interviewed people in various fields from technology to neuroscience, to inventors and artists; for example, Google’s Amit Singhal, gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, and inventors Ray Kurzweil and Dean Kamen (and about 60 others).
He is also creative director at Raw Media Network, a creative services company based in New York City. Johnny earned his BA in Film & Communications at NYU.
Watch his Galactic Public Archives video series. Read his IMDb profile and his LinkedIn profile. Follow the Galactic Public Archives’ Twitter feed.