Advisory Board

John Lee, MSc

John Lee, MSc is Executive Director at Leeward Space Foundation and is Chairman of the Board of the International Space Development HUB (ISDHub).
The Leeward Space Foundation supports efforts to help humanity become a space-faring race through exploration, commercialization, and colonization of our solar system and beyond.
Since the development of space resources offers long term answers to most of humanity’s most pressing concerns, the Leeward Space Foundation supports research to find an affordable, reliable, and safe access to space in order to develop these resources to improve the lives of all of Earth’s people and to protect the environment in which we live.
John is a retired Middle School, High School, and College Educator. His education background covers a variety of fields including Mathematics, Physics, Earth Science, and Computer Science.
John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Physics as well as his Master’s Degree in Earth Science and Math from Georgia Southwestern University.
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