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Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein is a writer living in Colorado and is best known for his blog Protein Wisdom. Before the birth of his son, he spent most of his time teaching at a private university and writing short fiction. These days, he finds himself doing a lot of very simple shape puzzles and (when his mind wanders) looking for instances of subversively placed anti-capitalist, pro-progressive agitprop in shows like Higglytown Heroes — if only as a way to keep his critical faculties sharp (and to keep himself distracted while he’s changing back-loaded diapers).
He earned his Bachelor’s from Towson University, where he received a Dean of Liberal Arts scholarship and graduated with both general and departmental honors (with an emphasis on the fiction of Flannery O’Connor); he did his graduate work at Johns Hopkins and the University of Denver, and spent two summers at The School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University, where he studied under Walter Benn Michaels and Catherine Gallagher.
Jeff also devised and co-chaired an international conference on the intersection between creative writing and theory that has since become a signature event of the DU English Department (most recently held in Oct 2005).
His published fiction has appeared in a number of academic journals. He authored Isaac and Rachel: A Love Song, The Last Brunch, Graduation, Unlimited Semiosis, and Brautigan, Revisited. Some of the writers he studied under are Rikki Ducornet, Beth Nugent, Brian Kiteley, and Brian Evenson.
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