Advisory Board

James Tankersley Jr.

James Tankersley Jr is an Applications Architect with over 20 years software and data design and development experience, including architecting an internationally marketed data warehouse system and 10 years as an IT consultant to several large corporations and to the State of Wisconsin.
Jim is a past member of several minor technical boards, founded several websites including, and is the Assistant Coordinator for the Global Risk Reduction special interest group in American Mensa,
He has volunteered his research abilities, analytic and computer skills to open-source software projects and to nonprofit organizations including Wikipedia, Mensa, and the Lifeboat Foundation. He also assisted with the effort to persuade CERN to conduct a second high energy collider safety study in 2008.
Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse in 1988, several software development certifications, a US Army commission, and served a tour in Germany where the tank platoon he lead was awarded medals for achieving the highest qualifying score in USAREUR in 1990.
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