Advisory Board

Dr. Jaba Tkemaladze

Jaba Tkemaladze, M.D., Ph.D. is Research scientist at Grigol Robakidze University.
Jaba was previously Research scientist at State Institute of Morphology, TV Anchor at Georgian Public Broadcasting, Adviser at The Ministry of Defense of Georgia, and Research scientist at Georgian Mental Health Coalition.
His papers include Programming and Implementation of Age-Related Changes, Gerontology research in Georgia, Potential role of centrioles in determining the morphogenetic status of animal somatic cells, Centriolar mechanisms of differentiation and replicative aging of higher animal cell, Centrosomal hypothesis of cellular aging and differentiation, Discovery of centrosomal RNA and centrosomal hypothesis of cellular aging and differentiation, and Centriole, differentiation, and senescence.
Jaba earned his M.D. in Medicine at State Medical Institute in 1995 with the dissertation “Centriolar Theory at Age Related Changes”. He earned his Ph.D. in Psychology at the Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry in 1995 with the dissertation “Senescence, Psychosis, Cancer”.
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