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Irina S. Litchfield

Irina S. Litchfield is Founder and CEO of BlockchainCubed, CEO of Rizon Labs, and President of Lumeria, a global investor network and IR firm. Irina is also Cofounder and Chairwoman of Space Interactions, a space situational awareness company, Senior Advisor at InterFlight Global Corporation and SpaceFund, and founding advisor at ABE Global, a global securities exchange.

Irina is an investor, author, and spokesperson for Blockchain Global Regulatory Infrastructure. She is a community leader, correspondent, and columnist.

Since 2022, she has been a Board of Directors Member at Space Force Association – Texas Chapter, Mentor at Newchip Accelerator, and Innovations Circle Leader at Cointelegraph, where she also contributes as Author. She has been Principal in SpaceFund Labs and Strategic Advisor at ProChain Capital and at Lunargistics.

BlockchainCubed is a growth strategy company. It is an agency that gives access to a decentralized network of top experts in the blockchain industry. The strategist behind the agency is Irina. A network of the best in the industry allows the agency to create proactive solutions which allow their clients to plan for success.

Since 2021, Irina is also a Board Member at the Foundation for the Future.

Irina leads the frontier of innovations. Whether that is space industry or blockchain technology, she is driven by democratization of opportunities, investments, and the right transaction. Active participant and leader, seeing through establishment for new, global infrastructure with emphasis on support of freedom for all.

Irina is Founder and Member of Global Autonomous Network (GAN). At GAN, they focus on regenerative farming, and most importantly top soil. Headed by ARRA in Austin Texas, they are a community where technologists, futurists, and entrepreneurs can come together to experience topsoil regenerative environments. The platform provides a decentralized social network that is used to allow for borderless creation of the future by promoting autonomous communities, micronations, and self-reliance, while experimenting on new governance models, moving from theory to application.

Until 2021, Irina was columnist at CoinRivet and Director of Special Project at Equa, a platform for all business’s organizational needs.

At CoinRivet, she provided informative insight to readers of all levels of Blockchain knowledge. Since 2021 until 2022, Irina was Partner at the Percival family office in Puerto Rico.

Irina is one of the first female founders in the crypto industry.

Her FinTech journey began in 2005, when she Cofounded Pokertainment, a payments and gaming company in Texas. Early to the blockchain space, she cofounded the Obsidian Exchange, an enterprise grade, US-based bitcoin exchange, launched in 2013 at the DEMO conference in San Francisco. She later advised through transition from exchange to online bank in 2016. The bank, BitPeso, is thriving and is operational in Mexico, its emphasis is on payroll micro landing.

In 2017, Irina became Advisor at BTC Labs, MadNetwork, and cofounded Ketocredible, a keto supplements company.

Growing up in the family of an economist and builder, Irina’s first job was working for her family charter travel business “Fobos”. She witnessed many entrepreneurs succeed and fail. This drove her desire to understand human behavior.

At this time, she was also working, first as a Print Model, and later, as Assistant Manager at Stavropol Modeling Agency.

After graduating high school two years earlier than normal, Irina earned an accelerated Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology from the Stavropol Institute of International Friendship in 2000.

Passionate about innovation technology, positive social capital, democratization of space, democratization of opportunities and investments, decentralized networks and blockchain technology, Irina often speaks and advises as a subject matter expert.

In 2019, she graduated in Blockchain Executive and Business Managerial Economics from Kingsland University.

Irina appeared as a public, global speaker at live events over 50 times in the last few years. She is an organizer of the ARRA global innovations summit, coorganizer of BitAngelsTexas, and was Contributor at BloxLive TV in 2019, where she shared great stories of dedicated blockchain professionals and highlighted their passion for what they do.

She has been the Chairwoman at BeU, a TransTech (transformative technology) company with its core foundation in Linguistic Messaging Optimization. It is a powerful tool that allows quick optimization of language, allowing an individual, company, or a team to have desirable, clear, and consistent messaging. This is a foundation system which develops into a wider range of human optimization tools. The company’s aim is to combine all existing EntheoTech and BioHacking into one immersive experience which allows every user to reach their goals.

Irina spoke at the Las Vegas Elev8 conference in December 2018, CoinAGENDA Global 2021 Conference.

In 2019, Irina spoke at the IDEA Week’s An Innovation Festival on Implementation — the Beginning of a New Blockchain Era and a Sign of Maturity and Why Our Institutions Are Destined to Become Open-Sourced.

She was Invited Speaker at the North American Space Summit 2021 (NASS), CoinAgenda Global | Las Vegas 2021, and RUN for the Unicorns Festival 2021.

In October 2022, Irina was Featured Speaker at The 3rd Annual FSBDAC – Free State Bitcoin and Blockchain Digital Assets Conference & Meetup.

For more of her appearances, follow her on her homepage.

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Read her contributions at Cointelegraph, at Coin River, and Medium.

Visit her Homepage, LinkedIn profile, Sessionize profile, Coin Telegraph profile, CoinAGENDA page, ClubHouse profile, and Newcon page. Follow her on Facebook, Quora, Instagram, and Twitter.