Advisory Board

Inara Tabir

“My dreams are so big only SPACE can hold them.” —Inara Tabir

Inara is a force-multiplier, known for her ability to connect people within the industry in order to propel a Space-based future forward as well as to bring the public to the table in order to build larger engagement.

She is a disciple of Gerard K. O’Neill and believes we must move heavy industry and most human beings off planet both to save humanity and to save the mother world.

Inara has founded and works with various organizations in a strategy of establishing a constellation of people and platforms which are vital for the future in space she wants for her children.

Galaxis Aerospace

Inara Tabir is the CEO of Galaxis Aerospace, a company focused on kicking open the doors to a Multiplanetary Future in the coming decade.

Multiplanetary Society

She is the president of the Multiplanetary Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to making humanity multi-planetary by 2035, with the motto: “Forward is up!” MPS was built on a foundation of visions from Space-industry pillars such as Gerry O’Neill and Elon Musk.

Inara is a Spacer, a Futurist, and a Transhumanist who sees Space as a sector where we can reconcile a robust pro-human vision with practical solutions for some of our most widespread systemic problems, including resource scarcity, ethnic and national conflict, ecological distress and the ever present race to beat the great filter. All of this is part of a lifetime commitment to ensure long term survival of life originating on Earth but destined for the stars.

IROC Space Radio

With over 100,000 listeners, Inara uses her work on two Space-science focused shows on IROC Space Radio (on the iHeart platform), Cosmosapiens and Cosmic Waves along with her co-hosts (Dan Deevy and Sarah Treadwell) to demystify as well as humanize the Space industry for the public and to shine a light on where the frontier currently resides and where its going.

Sunhaven Research Group

Inara is the Vice President of the Sunhaven Research Group (SRG). Aligned in vision, SRG and Galaxis Aerospace share the philosophy and focus of a Mulitplanetary future for a united humanity. Working with SRG President and founder, Chris J. Kent, Inara has been instrumental in planning, research and development. Reverse engineering the future we envision will take a generation of innovators. Complementing a network of Space analogs and scientific facilities built by partners, SRG is building innovation academies for the underserved.

Parallel development of vital systems here on Earth, at sea and in space is the SRG curricular focus. Inara coordinates this holistic strategy of technology and workforce development across her network of organizations. Inara’s work in SRG helps youth that would go unnoticed become bright stars that guide humanity to a prosperous Multiplanetary future.

EarthLight Foundation

Inara serves with Rick Tumlinson and Mike Mantzke at EarthLight Foundation as Chief Communications Officer supporting Rick’s vision of carrying the seeds of life to dead worlds. Inara is a disciple of Rick’s teacher, Dr. Gerry O’Neill. She enjoys this opportunity to work directly with one of the visionaries of the Space community. Rick Tumlinson brings a unique vision which both enhances the work of Gerry O’Neill and brings his own original and groundbreaking ideas to bear for the best possible future of humanity.

Human Space Program

Inara works with the Human Space Program founded by Frank White author of the Overview Effect and other pivotal works centred on Space.

Copernic Space

Inara serves as an Ambassador for Copernic Space with founder Grant Blaisdell working to democratize Space.

Copernic Space is the marketplace for companies and individuals to buy Space assets and invest in the Space projects of tomorrow, today. They are enabling the democratization of access to the Space economy through a Web3 platform which scales commercialization and financing for Space companies while allowing everyone to participate in the OpenSpace economy.

DTIP Platform

While Inara believes we need an open future in Space involving a global cooperative alliance when it comes to a possible future dominated by bad actors such as China, she believes there is no civilian future in Space, no independent courts and no national or cultural diversity.

While the global community, lead by countries such as America and her close allies, seeks Space exploration, innovation and settlement in a spirit of international cooperation, China seeks strategic domination in Space.

Inara is careful to curate the organizations she stands with to find a balance between global cooperation and strategic alignment for a genuinely diverse future.

Therefore she is proud to stand with Nino Marcantonio at the Defense Technology Innovation Program (DTIP) as a Global Alliance Tech Advisor.


StellarModal is an international, membership-based trade association. The association’s mission is advancing infrastructure, transportation and supply chain networks essential to Space-based commerce. Industry wide development will hinge on the logistics paradigm and interoperable standards that StellarModal champions.

Inara serves with founder John Weathersby in her capacity as an industry connector. She expands a platform that links major industry players with capacity to engineer the core infrastructure of a space-based future.

StarReach Foundation

Inara grew up in Arizona, in a mixed Mexican/Irish family, born to a teenage mother, living in poverty, before being placed into Fostercare at age 8. She was cut off from her family, her communities and a sense of identity and stability due to the systemic failures of the state system. She “aged-out” at age 18 as one of millions of children to be given one of the starts in life least likely to succeed (according to statistics).

Championed by supporters such as Dr. Annahita Nezami of VROE, and Mark Wagner of Space Prize.

She seeks, thru her new organization, StarReach Foundation, to change the statistics from the streets to the stars by building a new support platform for current and former Foster Children in cooperation with the space industry. This work will include scholarships, campaigns to change far-reaching policies, connecting foster children with Space camps, zero-g flights, educational conferences, one-on-one mentorships thru programs such as CASA as well as with figures such as Astronauts, scientists, diplomats and other inspiring adults. She believes we can change the statistics by giving current and former fosterchildren the support they need to leverage their unique super powers to take their place as leaders and shapers in our future.

Gaaays in Spaaace

Inara grew up in a small conservative town in Arizona, as a member of the LGBTQIA community and has born hardship as a transsexual woman both in her childhood in the closet and as an adult out of the closet. Much of her strength of character arose from the struggle in finding her place in the world and Inara works to help others of her community turn their hardships into strengths.

She serves as the chair of the board of Gaaays in Spaaace, an organization dedicated to promoting the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion in both science fiction storytelling and real-life sciences.

Inara serves in her role in order to provide support for members of the LGBTQIA communities with a platform of Sci-Fi fandom for social good. Inara plans to be the first transwoman in Space.

Unstoppable Frontiers

Inara has launched a new initiative in order to make reality of the over-used mantra “Space for everyone”. The Unstoppable Space project is designed to allow the public to purchase a membership for 10 dollars a month (the 10 dollar revolution) which allows them to curate and uplift Space companies around the country each month. Inara sees this as a way to give the public unprecedented access to and control of the Space industry and to provide continuity and resilience for the industry in times of political and economic upheaval.


In 2021, Inara was excited to join the team of Avisa Space, a Croatia-based space experience platform founded by Igor Bobek which stands as a beacon of the coming future where more people from all walks of life will have wider and regular access to an array of activities in Space.


Inara works with Atrayee Basu in order to boost the signal of Stellarion, an India based start-up committed to eradicating the energy crisis on Earth and in Space with a solution launched in Space.

SpaceBorn United

Inara is also an advisor for SpaceBorn United. She supports the work of founder Dr. Egbert Edelbroek and others working to ensure a future where human beings can reproduce in Space. SpaceBorn United is the first biotech and mission development company that will safeguard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in Space by 2021, make conception in Space feasible by 2023, and enable real human birth in Space by 2028.


In 2019, Inara founded the invite-only Spacer Outpost platform, a communications platform focusing on Space, STEAM and Media and the home of the Constellation Space Institute global think tank.


Inara is a graduate and supporter of SpaceKind, founded by Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides.

Foundation for the Future

Inara is an ambassador for Foundation for the Future (F4F) founded by Tim Chrisman.

Listen to her live shows, each week, on IROC Space radio:

Cosmic Waves: Wednesday and Saturday

Cosmosapiens: Thursday and Sunday

Both, twice a day, at 8 am and 8 pm pacific time.

You can ask Alexa to play IROC Space Radio on all Alexa-enabled devices and catch the show on various sites, including and

In her limited leisure time, Inara enjoys studying physics, listening and dancing to swing jazz, and watching romantic comedy.

Her speaking subjects include: A.I., Mars, Space science, futurism, transhumanism, the Aerospace industry (past, present and future), Sci-Fi as a gateway drug to Space sciences, Space settlement and activism for the LGBTQIA and Former Fostercare communities.

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