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Dr. Hamid Anbari

Hamid Anbari, DBA is the CEO and Cofounder of IKAP Robotics, from Tehran, Iran. IKAP Robotics is known for the first robotic smart suitcase named Olive. Hamid is also the founder of Olive Robotics and is the CEO and Cofounder at Reuleo since January 2018.

IKAP Robotics laboratories, began its activity in the year 2011. IKAP initially started its work with the goal of designing and producing hazardous environment robotics; for use in oil and gas pipe networks, oil reservoirs, and sewer systems. Since IKAP was founded in 2011, it has successfully managed to cooperate with more than 100 different public and private sector companies. During this period more than 50 different robots were designed as custom projects ordered by their customers.

After gaining various experiences in robotics and automation, IKAP decided to branch out to help the everyday lives of people. In this field, IKAP’s first project started by designing and prototyping the first robotic smart suitcase.

Hamid has received multiple honors and rewards:

He was also a Candidate at the European Satellite Navigation competition in 2016 and is a Member of the Tehran-Pardis Technology Park and of the International Federation of Iran Inventors.

Hamid and his company hold multiple patents. A car suspension diagnostic unit, Pipe inspection robot with diameter set mechanism, Electric flossing machine, Hybrid engines turbine with the capability of Increasing the efficiency and energy recovery to name a few.

Besides the award winning Olive suitcase, they are working on multiple innovative projects. Among others are ROV, a Tank Dredging Robot; Wi-cam and Kuala, pipeline inspection modular robots; SI-RO, a inspection and operation modular robot; ReMoRo, a mobile robot platform; the Flexible Mobile Robot WIOT, and a robot that carries the injured with the capability of movement in rocky places. They also do the design and implementation of High Resolution 9DoF Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU) based on MEMS sensors and an ARM microcontroller. For more learn here.

Hamid earned his Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering at the Modern Science and Arts University of Iran in 2011. He earned his MBA in Executive Management at the Arman Higher Education Center in 2017 and his DBA in Business Strategic Management at the Arman Higher Education Center in 2018.

He was working as Technical Consultant at Amirkabir University of Technology at Tehran Polytechnic for three years.

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