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Dr. Gary E. Marchant

The article Scholars debate whether to limit scientific research said

ASU’s College of Law Center for the Study of Law, Science, & Technology will play host to a conference titled ‘Forbidding Science? Balancing Freedom, Security, Innovation and Precaution’… The conference will explore whether scientific research should be restricted — and, if so, how far “too far” might be.
“We have reached a point in human history where some of the scientific research we could do, perhaps we should not do for safety, national security or ethical reasons”, says Gary Marchant, executive director of the center. “We therefore must choose, for the first time, which science should be allowed, and which should not. How, and by whom, such decisions should be made will be the focus of this timely and path-breaking conference.”

Gary E. Marchant, Ph.D., J.D. is Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law & Ethics, College of Law, Executive Director of Center for Law, Science & Technology, and Professor of School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University. He received a B.Sc. with Honors in Genetics from the University of British Columbia in 1980, a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of British Columbia in 1986, a Master of Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 1990, and a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1990. (He ranked number one out of 540 students and received the special Fay Diploma from Harvard Law School for this accomplishment!)
Gary was Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Editor of Harvard Environmental Law Review, and Vice-President of Harvard Law & Technology Society. He was a Partner of Kirkland & Ellis in Washington, D.C. where he represented clients in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Environmental Law Institute, Air & Waste Management Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Society for Risk Analysis, New York Academy of Sciences, Society for Social Studies of Science, and Associate Editor of Nonlinearity in Biology, Toxicology, and Medicine.
He is author of Liability insurance coverage for hazardous waste liabilities: Research pathfinder, Freezing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions: An offset policy for slowing global warming, coauthor of Arbitrary and Capricious: The Precautionary Principle in the European Union Courts, and coauthor of the innovative Amazon digital downloads Shifting sands: the limits of science in setting risk standards and The EPA’s risky reasoning: recent revisions to the air quality standards show a worrisome misuse of science.