Advisory Board

Gabriel Rothblatt

Gabriel Rothblatt is the Pastor and Community Organizer for the Terasem Movement Transreligion, Vice President of the B.O.D. for Terasem Movement Incorporated, and Co-director of He studied Political Philosophy at UVM and was the face of their Bi-centennial commencement. Since then his primary focus has been on family; he has a wife, four kids, and a dog that shamelessly demand his time and attention.
An advocate of experiential learning, and DIY solutions, Gabe has developed a diverse range of skills and experiences. His writing was first featured in for his perspective on being Black and Jewish in America, his lifetime experiences also include having a transgendered parent. An experienced debater, Toastmaster, and improv comedian, Gabe enjoys public speaking in addition to philosophical arguments and creative writing. For his dedicated work in proselytizing reason and skepticism he was dubbed the “Mass Debater”.
Gabe authored Is the term “Transhumanism” a misnomer?, How Can Seasteading End Somali Piracy?, Is Transhumanism a Religion?, Will We Have Multiple “Selves” in the Future?, and Don’t Go To Sleep In The Cold!
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